Saliva Test Lab Results. Recommendations?

Hi Everyone,
Over the last 10 years my wife has had a hard time not gaining weight around her waist. She has been careful to eat healthy/balanced meals and has done intense weight lifting and cardio with very limited results. As a result, we decided to have her hormones checked out with a saliva test. Below are her results. Any suggestions on supplements that might bring her more into the normal range? Any help is greatly appreciated as she does suffer from depression, low libido, fatigue, hair loss and many other things that go along with low test and progesterone.

I was thinking of having her take Emerita Pro-Gest cream and also a low dosage of DHEA. Any thoughts?

You’ve got two issues here. First, saliva testing is controversial and most here don’t give it any credence. Second, this is a forum for guys, I don’t have a clue regarding female hormones and I imagine most of the posters on here don’t either.

Well you just found this groups weakness. There are not a whole lot of female hormone experts here.

Not that this advice means a lot but. I’m thinking that your wife might be well served by one of those longevity medical clinics. But if they’re anything like men’s clinics, they’re spendy. I can only hope that the medical community is better with female hormones than they are with male.

I’m thinking there’s a good chance that this will be helpful. At the very least you’re going to want to rule it out.