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Saliva Test for Adrenal


My Hormone Doc gave me a Adrenal test kit today. 4 Saliva samples and one urine sample. What kind of results can I expect from this? Is this a worth while test? I've had about every other kind of blood work done. Except for Low T, they haven't found anything else. My T level is now around 700, so that is good. Just not feeling as well as I thought I would.


The 4x daily saliva test is a good one. What they are looking at is cortisol levels throughout the day.

As for the urine sample not sure what they are looking for, but the more tests you get the better for you!


yes saliva is valid for cortisol (and possibly DHEA-S levels), but there is not any concensus for other types of saliva tests.

urine tests show total output for the day I believe which can be helpful if things are completely out of line.

the more measurements the better generally.