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Sale Still On?

anybody know? not sure what time zone the company is located in…

actually sorry nevermind, 7.5 hours to go still!

OK-I’m going to be buying some stuff while this sale is still on…a couple quick questions. I’m basically deciding between three items, looking to buy two of them. I’m thinking of buying Surge and Metabolic Drive protein, not the complete version. The other one I was choosing between is Metabolic Drive. I can’t afford all three right now.

Would Surge and Metabolic Drive be the best 2 you think? Right now I just use gnc whey pre and post workout, but it’s time to make a step up. Thanks

Depends, if you will be doing some dieting. low-carb Metabolic Drive is good, but if you just want to have some months proivision of good quality whey at the lowest price possible, buy Grow!.