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Salad options

I’m currently at the moment choking down another “delicious” bowl of steamed broccoli, snow peas and carrots. At this point I now realize that I really need to diversify my veggie consumption so that’s why I’m coming to you T-maggers with your ideas or suggestions as to how I can spice things up a bit.

What kind of veggies do you guys normally consume? I ask this because I know I’m missing out on some other good vegetables. I’d like to know what to buy so I make a nice salad or myself while at work or at home.

Any suggestions on what to add to the veggies to make it more tolerable? Steamed unflavored veggies are starting to bore me a lot. Oh yeah I’m cutting by the way and I don’t want to be adding too many extra calories with dressing etc. Thanks everyone!

I like to make low-fat Thai and Indian curries, and there’s always plenty of extra curry for vegetables and even rice (if you want the extra carbs). As for vegetables, I typically buy the frozen variety packs, which contain 4-6 different vegetables, and I alternate brands, so I get a wide sampling of vegetables.

As far as picking vegetables, you basically can’t go wrong no matter what you select. Even the vegetables low in vitamins and minerals are often high in antioxidants and fiber. Load your cart up with whatever looks good.

“Steamed broccoli”, huh? Well to each his own. I prefer an “all raw” salad. I’ll throw in about a quarter to half a head of iceburg lettuce, an ounce or so of raw spinach, chop up some scallions, half a red onion, some romaine, a cluster of raw broccoli (minus the stems), a few grape tomatos, some diced or sliced ham/turkey (whichever I have at the time) and I top it off with a couple dollops of blue cheese dressing, a splash of red wine vinegar and bacon bits. It takes me about half an hour to eat it but my colon thanks me for it.

Do a search, we’ve covered this before I think. But if you need mo’ info, I’ll help you.

Heres a salad i often make. Doesnt take long to prepare. To save some time make a really big bowl of it and keep some in the fridge for the next few days.

Lettuce, Carrot, Capsicum, Onion, Mixed Nuts and Seeds, and Cheese.

Break the Lettuce up into small pieces. Grate the Carrot. Slice the onion. Slice the Capsicum. Put all the ingredients into a bowl and eat. Add some grated cheese if you wish.

The salad goes well with Rice/Potato and Tuna/Chicken/Steak.

If you want some extra carbs try adding some rolled oats to the salad. If you make a big bowl to last you a few days, dont add the oats until you ready to eat your serving else they will go soggy.

For extra protein add some sliced boild eggs.

I like to make a big salad using the following:

green pepper
chopped olives
steamed artichoke hearts (if available)

For dressing I use a tbsp of flax oil and tbsp of balsamic vinegar. Yum yum!

Hot peppers make everything bearable. I can eat any vegtable concoction as long as it’s loaded up with hots. If you can handle spicy, things like peppers and hot sauce make eating clean a lot easier.

Myotrainer- Curry sounds interesting. And looking at the macro breakdown it doesn’t look like it would do much damage in terms of cutting.

I’m currently getting my broccoli and other veggies in the mixed frozen variety you’re talking about. However it always seems like those kind of veggies don’t stay fresh for very long. That’s probably one of the reasons why I’m getting so sick of what I’m eating right now.

PhilT- Is there something wrong with steaming broccoli or any other vegetables? I always assumed that steaming veggies was the best way of cooking veggies without robbing them of vital nutrients. I don’t know how well raw broccoli agress with me…but that’s probably because the kind I get (in the bags) don’t stay fresh for very long in the fridge.

Justinx- Capsicum? Lol what’s that? I realize how little I know about veggies. What is capsicum and do they sell it normally at regular supermarkets?

Just out of curiosity…what kind of cheese do you use? Although I’d probably be eating the salad a P+F, I don’t want to start squeezing in too much since I’m cutting.

Stella- I have balsamic vinegar but I haven’t thought about adding flax oil to salads. I should probably buy some since I’ve just been using regular flax seeds for my flax needs.

Dylan- What kind of hot peppers do you use?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. When I went to buy some veggies I was kind of confused since there was so many different kinds. The veggie world is scary and strange outside of broccoli and carrots. Lol.

I ended up just buying some grape tomatoes, romaine and some weird mix of veggies. (I have no idea what it was, but it looked interesting.) I drizzled some balsamic vinegar over it and it ended up tasting pretty good. I’m starting to like the idea of customizing my salads now instead of being stuck with boring old broccoli and carrots. :slight_smile:

Has anyone here tried grinding flax seeds and putting them on salads instead of using the oil? I’ve gotten used to buying the seeds since they’re a lot cheaper and provide a lot of fiber and small amounts of protein.

ChuckieT - lol :). I belive in the US (if thats were your from? ) they maybe called peppers (not hot though - we call those chilli peppers). They come in various colours - Green, Red, Yellow and Orange. They are kinda hollow and have quite a few small seeds inside. There are sold here in the supermarkets.

The cheese i use is called Edam Cheese - Low fat.

Texas Pete, peppers and onions. You can buy Birdseye brand precut onions, read/yellow/green pepper mix in the freezer section. Also, I never used to eat cooked greens before. Now I eat them with REAL butter. Healthy fats.

I have made a simple salad of red and yellow bell peppers, canned tuna or salmon, and low-fat italian dressing. Got the idea from an old veggie thread.

Justinx- Yeah I’m from the US. Sounds like an interesting idea adding green peppers although I’m not sure how that’ll taste since I’ve never really eaten raw peppers in a salad before.

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I doubt I’ll be bored eating my veggies anytime soon. :slight_smile:

ChuckieT, I’m currently chowing down on a broccoli, tomatoe and green pepper mixture with UDO’s splashed over it. I’ll tell you one thing, without the peppers, this’d taste like paste- the kind you used in grade skool. Peppers will make any salad palatable. Heck, even fresh ground pepper is awesome. All vegetables are fantastic- green beans, carrots, sprouts, zuchinni, peas… in fact, I find that vegatables are the only way for me to get any real variety in my diet- if you don’t count vanilla vs. chocolate protein powder :wink:

I get the jars of sliced Jalapenos. They’re in with the pickles at the store. Fresh ones are good too and you can by them at different levels of spice. I fill up my salads with Jalapeos and it is much easier to eat.