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Salad Indigestion

I notice when I eat alot of salad, I get indigestion and stomach ache.

Why is this? Anybody else?

I put mixed lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, onions, peppers, chicken, cucumbers etc.

Do you have IBS or IBD?

If so, you might want to avoid plant fiber until your symptoms calm down. Soluble fiber, like the kind you ge from pastas, Acacia gum (supplement), or breads, is fine.

Is it any mix of salad? Have you tried starting with a single plate of leaves (nothing else) and having a plate per day for a few days, and only adding in another ingredient if you can go a few days without hurting?

Try that first.

I’ve experienced this at lunch time at work. A big spinach salad give it to me as well as a large amount of brocolli. I was getting a grumbly stomach, a lot of gas, and pretty consistent loose bowels. Think running to the bathroom every 15 minutes.

I’m on a lower calorie diet, and first I thought it was my body adjusting to it, which it has to an extent but I still have to watch my portions. It just happens when I try to fill up on veggies. The symptoms have been on the decline though.

That has a shitload of fiber in it!!! If you are not used to it this will happen. May also want to try and eliminate one ingrediant at a time to see if ther is somehting you have an intolorance to. good luck