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Salad dressing

Are there any really good salad dressings out there? Do you make your own?
What I am seeking here is info. on a good salad dressing with minimal additives. If it contains a “good fat”, that’s fine with me.
What do you use? Is there a way to put flax/salmon oil in dressing w/o destroying the flavor?
I mean I love crumbly blue cheese and all but the sat. fat content is too high…

Here’s my recipie.

Take a tub of non-fat cottage cheese and throw it in the blender along with a packet of dry “Hidden Valley” ranch dressing. Blend until you have a creamy consistency. Sometimes I add a little skim milk to thin it out a little bit… but that is optional.

It tastes nearly identical to ranch dressing. Might be a little bit high in sodium for some…


Hey bodyiq my Gf Bets posted a salad dressing recipe she made with flax oil thats absolutly PHENOMONAL!!! And is a good way to down ur flax oil, its sooo good!!!Search her name and find the recipe ull love it its soo good!


BodyIQ, my favorite salad dressing recipe is one I came up with on my own. I start with FRESH basil and run it through a blender. Next I add some FRESH parsley and give that a whirl. From there I add garlic cloves and give it a whirl. (BTW, you can’t add too much garlic in my book). From there I add flaxseed oil, lemon juice or rice vinegar, Splenda and salt to taste. I don’t measure anything, just throw it in, taste and adjust.

It’s a “mushy” kind of salad 'cause I make it kinda thick, but oh, so yummy.

I’ve heard of flax seed oil and vinegar is good, I have not tried it though…

The ol’ Asian standby: soy sauce with some vinegar. Sometimes I add a bit of sesame oil for a slightly nutty flavor.

i just use olive oil. Is viniger bad?