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Salad Bar Chicken

So pretty much every day I’m at work, I stop by the grocery store for either lunch or dinner (depending on what shift I’m on.) There I make myself a nice-looking spinach salad at the salad bar, then load it up with sliced grilled chicken. I love it because it’s a quick way to get a healthy meal, but recently I’ve had the sinking feeling that maybe it’s too convenient to be true. Does anyone know if there’s any reason to be suspect of the chicken they serve? I mean, it looks like white meat, and tastes as chicken would be expected to taste, but is it possible that it’s covered with preservatives, or full of fatty rib meat, or something like that? Maybe I worry too much, but the thought popped into my head so I figured I’d bring it to you guys.

I think you’re safe. It wouldn’t surprise me if some ‘mix’ was involved with rib meat, but I doubt it’s processed or filled w/preservatives. Chicken is still fairly cheap.

Now I’m basing this on the places I have available. I have a grocery store that offers this big salad buffet type thing and that chicken looks pretty respectable.

I don’t go there oftern but I do load up on the chicken and eggs. Not all that cheap though. You don’t realize until you walk out that you just built a 3lb salad at 3.99/lb

It’s chicken alright, it may not be 100% breast meat. It will be processed with many chemicals. Most supermarkets will let you see the label of the box it came in. You’re better off getting a can of tuna.

Thanks for your replies. What you’re saying basically confirms my suspicions, that the stuff is pretty much ok, but I’m sure there’s better stuff out there. But I can’t beat the convenience (apparently I’m just too lazy to prepare food before work), so I suppose I’ll continue to take my chances.