Saizen HGH Bodybuilding

ok let’s get straight to the point: I am available to take Saizen HGH. What would be the benefits and what dosage would you recommend? Thank you

If you’re asking, you’re not ready for HGH.

Save your money for better quality food.

You aren’t looking at HGH, you’re looking at Somatropin.

Point stands: save your money for better quality food.

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Bro, I’m using Saizen since I was 14. I know what im talking about, My body has seen… haha. I wanted to have a chat with those who take HGH

Oh, then you know more than me. Good luck

I use therapeutic HGH at only 1.5iu a day. It’s scripted pharma Omnitrope. For me, having low natural levels, being in the upper range has me leaner and recovering better. It’s not enough for true muscle building past natural levels etc. Many amateur body builders start at 4-6iu and true competitors will double that. Whatever dose you take make sure you taper up slowly to avoid severe water retention etc.

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When I was competing I was taking 8ius a day of Humatrope (yes, from a walgreens…I had a great connect then). But, I was COMPETING and knew what the fuck I was doing. If you’ve been using GH since you were 14 (of course you didn’t even say how old you are now…I’m guessing by your post, 16 now?), you should be about Jay Cutler’s size now, right? :roll_eyes:

GTFOutta here…been using since you were 14. Why the fuck are you asking random people on the internet then? You say you are “available to START taking Saizen now”…but then say you’ve been already on GH? Pics or ur full of shit.

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I’m in the same situation as you. Due to a deficit I am “forced” to take it for up to 25 years. At the moment I take 0.2ml 6g/7.


I have a growth hormone deficiency. What the fuck do you have to be so grumpy about?

If you want quality answers you might want to talk about what your goals are using it? HGH can be used in different ways to garner different benefits.

Naw, far from “grumpy” , just irritated at such a poorly constructed and thought out post. If you have been taking it since you were 14 and you are now 18, you mean to say you’ve just been taking it blindly, no questions asked for 4 years? That doesn’t make any sense.

Regarding asking about benefits and dosage…At 18, I’d surely think your ability to GOOGLE “growth hormone benefits” and “GH dosage for muscle building” would be better. My god…if I thought I might need to take a medication for a sinus infection, I would google the medication to learn about the effects, the potential side effects, any contraindications, etc. That “Should” be just common sense in 2023.

Or did you want to come on here and have someone just tell you how much to take, when to take it, and give you an eating and training protocol while taking GH? That seems more likely.

Lol @ grumpy… I am far from it, but get annoyed by idiotic posts.

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I think… you need to eat food and train to failure for like 5+ years before considering anything you’re considering.