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Sahrmann Presses For Rotator Cuff


As I have some rotator cuff problems (or simplier, shoulder instability and hear popping noises and feel something like a tendon gets pinched in some movements. And when doing chins, my right shoulder feels like coming out of the socket if I do them dead-hang each rep), I started paying more attention to my shoulder girdle.

I do Lying external rotation one day, L lateral raises another, and think of doing Sharmann presses another (hands parralel with each other, semi-supine grip, shoulder presses). Will this help?

I also do rows to neck, and I think I will add rear delt flies, for my rear delts and rhomboids, stopped chinning, and now overhead press (my only pressing motions are the military press and the push-up.I don't bench or do dips. I'll restart chinning in about a month or two, depending on my shoulders). Any suggestions on how to strengthen my shoulder girdle welcome.

Much obliged, Vlad.


A couple of things that have helped me are Eric Cressey's rotor cuff article here at T-Nation, handstand push ups and the shoulder dislocation stretch i got off coach sommer. My previous shoulder impingment pain has all but vanished.



Check out Don Alessi's Bone Crackin Bench article. It has some good exercises.


Thanks. Would shoulder dislocation mean the "grab a broomstick or towel, and with arms straight, put it overhead and then lower it behind your back"?


Yes, that is the one, just remember start with a wide grip and as you get better, bring your grip closer together.


This movement may not be appropriate for cases of shoulder instability. An MRI arthrogram may be in order.


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Many thanks for the answers. Come to think of it, my flexibility is pretty good (I can do dislocates with a ~1.5 shoulder width grip). No input on the Sharmann presses, though. Would be appreciated.

My shoulder already feels better after one week of higher rep external rotations (does it seem to me, or high reps tend to "fix" joints/ alleviate pain, a lot?)