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Saggy Scrotum From Running?


Can running without a athletic supporter or something to hold the boy in cause someone to have a saggy sack?


I just spit my coffee out through me nose.




The skin around your balls is like gold. It can be molded into any shape imaginable.

Personally, I prefer to staple my sack to my legs when I run. This has kept them from sagging at all. Now my sack looks like swiss cheese.


My wife always makes fun of my horse sack. She even calls me "Old Man Sack." Humiliating. Not that they are large. We even have a song, "Do your balls hang low, do they wallow to and fro?" Anyway, they do bounce when I jog, or get in the way when I bicycle. I'm thinking of getting a sack lift. I can't imagine that they will sag from running, unless they already do.


It is a well known fact that marathon runners have sacks that hang well past their knees or even to the ground. They can get callused unless you take a pumice stone to them.


Ask your doctor and post a video of his reaction.


Not that I've experienced this..... just curious. LOL!!


Yeah, right...

"So, I've got a friend who has a problem with his sack..."

No, your sack will not sag from running. If anything running will make your skin healthier and more elastic, so you can avoid that sack-lift plastic surgery dude was talking about. I wonder if anyone has actually had that done...


Wouldn't a saggy sack be a good thing?

I know scientists have found that prolonged exposure to heat (body temp) can lower a man's sperm count. That's why they have found higher sperm counts in men who wear boxers that allow the boys to dangle rather wearing briefs that jam 'em up against your crotch.

I would think that every extra millimeter between your nut-butter factories and and your steaming sweaty crotch would be a boon to your reproductive health.


What makes you think he wants to reproduce? Maybe he'd be much happier (like many a single man, anyway) if he were shooting blanks. Come to think of it, running might be counterproductive if you're looking to avoid impregnating someone!


Scrotal physics is fascinating and should get more network air time.



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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the scrotum song. Sing with a swing (as in jazz) feel.

S C R O T U M!
Without it you would be a fem

They're baggy, they're saggy
They're covered with hair
What would you do if the hair wasn't there

They're hanging right between you!


LMAO - Funny as fuck! PMSL - Gonna be singing that all night.


This thread has actually turned pretty entertaining.


Anyone remember the Cheech and Chong scrotum song?

Ta na na na na na na na na na na na ta na na na na na myyyyy scrotum!


Here it is:


Back in the day, we were playing at some bucket-o-blood bar and some drunk was yelling at my band to play "My Scrotum".

I thought he wanted me to play with his balls, so I whacked him with my Fender.


Gives my balls wings, almost like a superhero cape.