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Sagging skin

Since May 2000, I have lost about 80 Lbs.
Look great in clothes … will sagging skin eventually tighten up.


RWB:A VERY common misconception is that you can “tighten up” sagging skin after pregnancy and significant weight loss. Sagging skin is a result of irreverable stretching of the underlying lattice work of connective tissue that adheres the skin to muscle.Have you ever taken one of those small springs out of an inkpen and straightened it out until it did not spring back? Sort of the same thing happens with the SPS (or "superficial fascial system). Consult a Board Certified Surgeon certified The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

I have to disagree. I have some sagging skin because I have lost 60 pounds since december, but it is going away. I think if you use some lotion, it will do a lot better. Another example is that pregnant women often have skin stretching that will eventually come back to shape. The only thing is, with that much weight loss it may take a long time for it to shrink. A friend also told me that anti-wrinkle cream may help tighten it up.

Thanks for the reply Lion King, I noticed too late that I could have deduced your answer from Mike M’s Post. Thankyou for your patience in answering. I thought I would have suffered more from my breast area having been overweight for nearly 30 years, but everything appears normal there and the love handle area.
I will look into surgical options for the autumn. BTW I am 47 yrs in June, 5 feet 7 inches tall and went from 270 Lbs to 188 Lbs waist from 52 to 34 Chest from 52 to 47 Arms from 13 to 15. trying to get cutup once in my life before trying to add size to arms etc.
I love the advice on this site, after 11 months of training, I realize I am truly a newbie and want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes!
All the best to you Mufasa!

No. It won’t. I lost more than 120 lbs and have the same problems. The surgery is the only option, unfortunately, no matter what various “experts” might say.