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… there was a time when they would kill you for a bag of black pepper …


Very cool – saffron is great to have if you like Mediterranean cooking – and increasing the supply will lower the price.

Also nice to see that they are trying to make inroads against the opium trade there – mostly because it will be a blow to the power of drug lords and those who ally themselves with them.

As for the pepper quote, pepper used to be quite valuable. Much more than gold per ounce, just because it had to travel so far in such wretched conditions. Wars were fought many times over control of the spice trade routes.

Try real vanilla. That is still pretty valuable.

Funny world…

I’m just mad about saffron…

Saffron’s mad about me.

My God! Vroom and Zeb collaborating on a witty one! There is hope for world peace after all… With that I will say Merry Christmas everyone!

Thay call it mellow yellow…thats right