Saffron Extract Pills

Not sure how many here are aware of how strongly these curb your appetite. I started taking these first and foremost for my mild depression, but then found out about their appetite suppressing ability. Combined with coffee, I could get through a whole day of a considerable caloric deficit without wanting any snacks and the hunger actually was more bearable. Pretty amazing.

Have you considered just being hungry instead? Much cheaper.


Saffron pills are 16€ (17 bucks or smth) a month where I live. Twice as cheap as whey.

Hunger is even cheaper. And you learn a lot of lessons along the way.

I’m just mad about saffron.


I’ve already dieted once without saffron or caffeine. Sucked. Lessons learned. I’ll rather make my life a bit easier now in the dieting aspect, there’s plenty of other challenges already.

I find frequent overcoming of challenges to be beneficial :slight_smile:

I do too, but not everything in life needs to be a challenge. If so, I could stop going to the supermarket for food and learn hunting and gathering. Saves money (in the long term), right? I’ll just buy a gun and tools for skinning, and i’m ready to go. Or I could stop buying belts and challenge myself by pulling my pants up every five minutes.

If there’s an easy and cheap fix to make my life just a bit easier, I use it. The ~8 hours a day of practicing the piano, managing my family business and trying to make progress in the gym are big enough challenges already :smiley:

You and I are quite different that way

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