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Safety Squat vs. Cambered Bar


which one should i add to to my home gym first?any opinons would be great.


I'd get the ssb first. They're both good, but I think you get more out of the ssb than the cambered bar. I have both, btw.


The cambered bar will sway during the lift, and will help train stability.
The SSB will take the strain off of your shoulders, so it would be helpful if you have any shoulder issues. Also, it puts the weight forward a little, so if you do a good morning when your form breaks down, it can help with that.
Just a little to chew on.


I would say you would probably use the safety squat bar more. I would say that,

A.) You'll use it more for max-effort work.
B.) You'll definitely use it more for speed work if you do that.
C.) You can use it for more other random stuff such as lunges or back raises.


I disagree, I use the camber at least once a week, w/ either GM's or Squats. The only time I use the SSB is if my biceps tendonitis acts up. The ssb is a good bar but the camber if almost limitless in uses. Try chain suspended GM's w/ a doubled purple band. It's my favorite. If you don't have a monolift in your gym then you my want to go w/ the SSB due to the rackable camber bar being a bitch to use.


Cambered bar all the way. Many more uses.