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Safety Squat Bar: NY BB vs. Elite

Hey guys,

Anyone have either of these. I am going to buy one but un-sure which brand to go with I use elite for alot of my equipment needs however they are double the price.


I got my power bar recently from elite and love it got my SSB a few years back from NYBB and love it as well



I would say that I would think long and hard before I ordered from somewhere besides Elite. The customer service is top-notch, not just in ordering and getting the product and dealing with any problems, but in that you can actually call them up, talk to somebody that has squatted 1000 pounds and they can help you figure out how to use that particular piece of equipment in your training cycle.

Worth paying any extra amount of money, within reason, in my opinion.


I have had both. They are both great bars, if you don't care about price the Elite one is better. If you do care about price, the nybarbells is great too.


The camber at the loading area on the NYBB bar is parallel to that of the yoka/handles whereas on the eliteFTS bar and several other bars this is angled like 15 degrees downward. I'm sure this changes the mechanics in some where or at least what structures are stressed the most and how...but that is getting a little to sciency for this time of night.

I have the NYBB one by the way but I got a great deal on it.


I wondered about the loading area of the bars myself..... Do you guys think that it would hinder the excersise having different angled loading areas or is it negligible.


I know the major selling point of the SSB is the way it tries to pitch you forward and you have to fight against it to keep upright. I'd imagine the extra angle on the Elite bar is to facilitate this.

If you can afford the one from Elite then I don't see any reason not to go with it.


I have the Elite bar and it is great, very well made. Not sure about the NY version as I have never used it.


They appear to be exactly the same thing.

NYBB price: $220
EFS price: $355

Difference = $135.

Why pay more for the same thing?


They are a little different. You can decide if the difference justifies the cost.

The nybarbell has more whip to it, the Elite is thicker and stiffer.

The angle of the of the yoke is different, although I don't feel any difference from that in the lift.

The yoke itself is different, the pads on the elite bar are much thicker and harder. The nybarbell feel they would probably need to be replaced much sooner.

All that said, I bought the nybarbell with my money (well my wife bought it for me as a gift). I have a buddy who had the elite bar and gave it to me when he quit lifting.

If you don't care about money, get the elite bar. If money is an issue, get the nybarbells. For myself, I couldn't justify the extra cost.


I think frequency of use is an important consideration. We don't use our SSB very frequently so I bought a NYB. However, we do use our power bars frequently so we buy the best.

I have used both and the EFS bar is superior so in my mid it comes down to how much use it will have.


Well it will be just me using it for various squat cycles in my home gym. So I think that that would be on the lighter side of use. But i agree with you. I also want this to last for years but its not like it will be used in a commercial setting or even used by a bunch of guys in a private powerlifting gym.

On a side note the cost with the cost dif. I can get a fat bar from NYBB as well. I love elte and get alot of my training and all of my training info from them but I think if i can get two implements for the price of one it is prob the better bet.


Yup. Under the circumstances I agree with that mindset.

I also order stuff from Jesup although they do not offer a SSB. I have one of their 1500# powerbars which after @ 12 years of rack pulls, stupid shrugs and other abuse is as straight as the day it was manufactured, a kelso bar and a cambered bar They have been great values.


I have that bar as well, under a year old but I've heard it holds up well.


The price difference also is worth about 6 bottles of Jager.

When you put it in that perspective, it makes the choice a little easier.


Yeah. It is a 30mm bar so fatter than a Texas and much fatter than an Ivanko so you still need a traditional power bar if you PL, but an incredibly durable bar.