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Safety Squat Bar in UK?


Can anyone tell me where the best place to get a safety squat bar in the UK?

I have found one website that says ?300 but figured for that much I might aswell get one from elitefts

any suggestions?



You've done better than me, I couldn't find one in the U.K; I got mine from elite and it's just clearing customs now.

Something for you to take into account if you do import; add about 25% to whatever you order because HM customs will charge you.

Hope this is of help, PM me if you need any other info.

Regards Chris


Try pullum sports. They are a good weightlifting/powerlifting equipment supplier and have most things.


I think in the shop of k3k.de the hompeage of germen lifter Stephan Korte you can order one.

Dunno, maybe that would be cheaper than ordering from the US.


ok thanks guys ill start looking into those