Safety squat bar in Canada?

Anyone know of any sources in Canada?

Shipping and duty from EliteFTS is a killer.

Has anyone tried making one themselves? I might have access to someone who welds.

Where are you located? Phoenix Gym in Oakville, Ontario sells all kinds of powerlifting equipment without having to worry about cross-border bullshit. They sell a ssbar for $195US. You can find them at phoenixgym.
Mention that you were recommended by LOOP Performance Systems if they ask.

Thanks Loop.

I work in Markham, so I’ll have to check that place out. I’ll mention the referal when I do.


Sorry I guess I thought I posted the website, it’s

Hey loopfit:

I checked out phoenix gym. I was hoping that they would have a trap bar, but they do not unfortunately.

Do you know where I could get a Trapbar in the G.T.A.?



Trap bars do seem hard to come by. Did you contact Phoenixgym? They might have one or might be able to make one, your best bet is to contact them and make a request.