Safety of Tren vs Orals

Just curious what some of the vets here think. It is often recommended that beginners avoid tren, yet some orals (i.e… var, dbol, winnie) are frequently used alongside test in a first cycle.
I am a (steroid) beginner, currently on a first cycle of very low test (200 PW), and NPP at 120 EOD. Doing pretty well, no real sides to speak of and am making more gains than I otherwise would be naturally.

My question is: do you think trenbolone is a more dangerous compound, regarding kidneys, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc…, than orals? I know most orals wreck your cholesterol, dbol and drol especially jack up BP, and stress the liver. Is tren a more toxic compound when it comes to bloodwork, reflected in cholesterol, kidney values, etc.?

Is my thought process irrational in that I would not be afraid to run 30 mg of dbol for 4-6 weeks (with test of course), yet I would be afraid to run tren, even at a lower dose, for the same amount of time? I am not concerned with side effects that you “feel,” more so those that are reflected in blood tests, and that may have a negative impact on long term health.

everyone reacts differently. the only way to know for sure is to run the drugs yourself and get blood work while you are on them.

perhaps a 24 hour creatine clearance test to check kidneys