Safety of md6 and ephedra help

you guys my girlfriend is hell bent on geting me to stop taking ephedra and she takes it too in md6 but she is in BFL and all the he bitches on her site say STUDIES have shown ephdra not to be safe in the long run, but yet if i aksed her i bet you she couldnt cite one of them, could u all lead me to some studies on the safety aspects of ephedra in long and short term so that i can show her that the BFL he bitches dont know what the hell their talking bout and so shell get off my back…bill help needed por favor

Go to and email David Greenwalt. He wrote up a little book on the safety of ephedra. It is fully cited and a good, quick read.

Ya know what is funny, that EAS (the people behind the BFL contests sell many ephedra containing products! If it ain’t safe, why sell it? Please keep in mond that safe is relative and that one can even end up in the hospital by being overhydrated.

I’ve read that it really messes with your ability to spell and punctuate.

I’ve been having this argument with my wife for a while now. I won of course! but it’s because I agreed to follow the directions on the container to a T. I think the major problem is idiots who abuse ephendrine by overdosing or using it for extended periods without a break. Ephedrine causes your blood pressure to rise - causing hypertension. If you took Ephedrine for a couple of years without a break your arteries can harden and shrink and cause permanent damage. The more I read about it the less safe I feel taking it and I dont know who to believe anymore - one study says this one says that.

I just don’t get it. EAS sells the stuff and then they tell you it’s “not safe”? Why would you back a product line/company that contradicts itself like that. You might as well just buy all of your supp. form GNC too (over~priced)! Let me just finish with this. How many people do you know are following the bfl routine? Now, how many of them are really in fantastic shape and continue to progress with their training and nutrition? That’s what I thought.
BFL=Average at best.