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Safety in Workouts

Hello, i was thinking how to be carreful with the time in my pratice in bodybuilding, how to build a good body who can to be strong and safe. Exemple if it is good/safe to stay at 100 kilo squat bench and so on and not increase more and more…

So i study my morphology, i am carreful and pratice also a complete stretching of my body and so on.

But with the time if i continu to do some squat, and bench press and so on, is that can to be dangerous or not ? even if i do proprely, correctly all of the exercices ?

some peoples says that “good machine” is good and protect about injury, that, if you dont want to be a powerlifter you don’t need necessarily to do squat and so on, especialy squat because that can to be dangerous or bad with the time.
And i have only one back, iam not a personn scary just i dont want to take a useless risk only for look good in the mirror and in the same time i like to training and progress and grow, to be atheletic but for me bodybuilding it is for buidling and not destroy, i know that some injury will come only later with your pratice and directly so i prefer to take a good routine and to be carreful, so i ask you, thank !

Is the question “is bodybuilding safe”?

It depends. Is driving a car safe? Is crossing the street safe? At the minute, I have colleagues being told they’re crazy for interacting with the public because coronavirus makes it unsafe. The point being, you’ll need to be more specific with your question if you want a specific answer

Is it safe for you to move your body?

If so, add a pound of weight. Do you still feel safe? Add another pound.

Or kilo if that’s your thing.

At some point the load becomes unsafe. Don’t cross that point and don’t go near it until you are used to moving under load.

Move well and load intelligently.

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It’s bodybuilding, the goal is muscles, no lifting competitively, so no lifts or movements are “Required” or “Necessary.”

To be “save” avoid lifts or moves that beat you up or injure you and utilize lifts that feel “natural” and effectively work the muscles you’re targeting.

And the do what slave mentioned, make small managable jumps in weight. Just do a little more than last time, when you didn’t get hurt. Take weights you know you’ll get. Don’t be silly and load up huge weights to see if you can lift it.

ok ok i will follow your advices, just i was thinking to use machine or bodyweight, band resistance, and 20% gym, and ask if maybe some bodybuilder here training like that, thank for ur help*

est things in life aren’t safe or easy. Not doing much at all is easy. It’s just not very rewarding. There can be growth and learning even in injury.

You decide if you want it (life) safe or rewarding.

Very low rates of serious injuries from bodybuilding. I wouldn’t worry about trying to limit anything if you are following a program from a reputable coach, can execute the exercises properly and are doing some form of warm up (ie not putting 120kg straight on the bar, cold)

You’re far more likely to get injured travelling to and from the gym.

i don’t run in this life for “redwaring”
like i say, bodybuilding for me it si for grow but principally for get a good life health.
Strong i will follow what you say, and take advice here, the best way also it is to take advice for people in this forum, because i dont have the same experience that a lot of peoples for sure, as i can i will take video of the exercices for take advice about my execution