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Safest Way to TRT?

I’m secondary hypo and my TT was 40!!! Upon recheck a few weeks later it was 17!

Needless to say I’m on trt. I’m fine with my dose (26 mg SQ every 3 days yields a TT of 450-550, E2 21).
However now that I’m almost 40, I want the healthiest option as possible. My options that I have thought out are:

  1. Stick with my trt (no AI and no hcg)
  2. Add low dose hcg so I don’t need an AI (120 units every 3 days which gives me an E2 29)
  3. Do 250 hcg EOD or 375 every third day and add .25 or so if arimidex (doses picked on studies that show 250 EOD yield intratesticular test levels equal to those normal people not on trt). This may keep my cortisol, pregnenolone and DHEA in healthy ranges etc…

Thoughts? @KSman

You need to hit 600-750 ranges as you’re just barely midrange, no need to increase so much as you might sail past your sweat spot. This is a marathon not a race, go nice a slow. If you really want to avoid an AI forget about the 800 ranges. However if you add HCG which I think is a good idea an AI is a must and then you could aim for the 800 range.

All research shows guys in the 800 ranges get these least medical problems.

So best and healthiest is test plus hcg plus AI and get tons of blood work. Am I correct in my assumptions?
Ps thanks for th input!!!