Safest Injection Site?

Hi I pin every other day in delt or ventraglute but today has a bit of blood in ventra and funny taste in mouth. Not sure if I hit a vein. I only pin a small amount of 0.12ml so sure it’ll be fine, but I don’t want this again. Does the delt have less veins ? I can see some veins under skin around ventra but none in delt …

There is no best place but I don’t see why you would need to pin glutes with such a small amount of oil. Delts or even sub Q would prob be best.


Delts are rather easy, only argument I have seen against them is going less infrequent than twice a week dosing. I am also saying “easy” and not safe as I don’t think that matters unless you talk about thigh injections. Never understood life long thigh injections especially using a 23G harpoon, people must not love themselves.

I only use 27g 1/2 insulin needles so went for ventra as it’s lean and wanted shallow IM … but think I’ll stick with delt. Just isn’t as easy to reach on the delt …

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