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Safest Car...


This thread is going to be about as exciting as eating celery sticks while watching elderly people do calisthenics. Sorry in advance.

Its time for a new car. Actually, I'm going for a recent used car, 2006-ish. My company will pay up to $600 USD a month for car payments and insurance.

Driving in this country is absolutely terrifying at times. The stereotype about Asian drivers...well...its often true. An elderly Japanese woman driving a car is every bit as dangerous as a partially sedated and very confused rhino thundering towards you. Ideally, I would like a car that a.) allows me not to die and b.) has good reliability and c.) looks decent.

I kind of like the 2006 Volvo S60.


It would probably set me back 350 a month, allowing me to pocket the rest of the cash.

Any other recommendations for safe, reliable cars?


Haha, the first week I spent in Japan, the drivers scared the hell out of me. I was positive I was going to be run over before the month ended.



VW phaeton, way cooler than a volvo. supposedly it's just as safe


if i lived in japan and was offered something like you were I would opt out for this car.

I dont like the wagon but the sedan is really nice

that car is a limited production run of this car here
they are really safe fun to drive and really reliable

you most likely wont be able to get the 402 btw but if you can get one I say do it
parts availability in japan would be good as well on the Subaru not that you would need it but incase of an accident you wont need an arm and a leg to replace parts.
atleast look into them you may not like them but they are actually pretty "upper crust" when it comes to vehicals


Range Rover, basically a tank on 4 wheels.


Mercury Marauder or Crown Vic... both are tanks and the Marauder looks sweet blacked out, which is the only way you can get it. They are reliable as hell and cheap to repair, although I'm not sure how much being in Japan would up the costs.

edit: Marauders later came in other colors


pft, iwho cares, i'm young and invicible.


If I ever got a Vic or a Marauder it would have to be blacked out. There's no other way to own one!


I saw a youtube clip of a Marquis, I guess it was a safety test crash, run into an ambulance doing over 45. The front end of the car caved, not too bad though, and the car actually flipped forward but the cabin looked fine.