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Safest and Most Effective Prohormone?


Has anyone experimented with any pro-hormones..i have been looking into them and i am not sure what the best ones are? i am 19 yrs old.


19? You shouldn't be touching AAS. (That includes prohormones.)

Whey, creatine, fish oil. All can be found in the T-Nation store.


safest + most effective = does not compute!! doesn't work with PHs

rrjc is right, don't touch AAS or PHs until good and ready, after researching A LOT.


I just went through a rough cycle of eq plex. Thought it was comparable to boldenone and not liver toxic... well my mono flared up midway through the cycle and blood test showed my liver was inflamed. I'm in pct now and funny thing is my appetite is more now than mid cycle


The prohormone that is the "safest" doesnt really matter, since any of them can fuck you up pretty badly when your young.

The PH with the fewest issues/sideeffects to the best gains is Havoc/epistane.

You really should wait till your 21, starting young can cripple you, your test production will be somewhat less than otherwise for the rest of your life if your especially unlucky.


Yeah i guess you guys are right. Do you think 21 is old enough?


Using under 18-20 years old can really mess you up. At 21 there is like a 5-10% chance of permanately damaging you HPTA, and at 25 the chance is like 1-5%


Sweet numbers BRO!!

It's not quite that black and white but I understand your intention.

Percentages aside, yes the longer one waits the lower the risk of endocrine damage becomes. There are always exceptions and there are always risks, regardless of age.


Aren't they... I was probably being quite liberal with the ranges, they are probably smaller. Good call BRAH!!!

Are you still on PCT? You've been a little sensitive lately and jumping down everyone's throat.


goddamit my sarcasm is all off after a week of shit. Apologies all around for my douchey numbers, but yes the longer you wait, the lower the risk.


The ranges don't matter. You made it sound like the body knows the difference between age 19 and age 21. Endocrine systems in different people take different amounts of time to mature. And even then some people have more robust endocrine systems than others. There's no way someone can assign a specific percentage to a specific age. That's all.


You used "probably" in both of your assertions. Come on.

Either post some study where it says that, or don't pull assinine numbers out of your ass.


^ sorry forgot the [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] there


I don't even know who you are and you are making snide remarks about PCT? Editing them in nonetheless?

I didn't jump down your throat about shit. I tried to politely explain that your numbers are retarded.


The only AAS I've used has been in ph form, and I've got the good with the bad on all of them. My primary reason for using, besides gains etc was the fact that I couldnt get a source. The whole online buying scares the hell outta me, same with a western union transfer. As far as asking a big dude at the gym, doesnt look like any1 is juicin as far as I can tell


You do realize it's a black market, correct?


okay if your body cannot tell the different between ages 19 and 21 then why wait?


Because the younger you are the greater the likelihood that your endocrine system isn't fully stablized/matured. I thought I made that clear in my post.

The NUMBER isn't important. The risk of permament endocrine damage lessens as the body matures. Some people choose to use at 18. Others choose to wait until theyre 30. And others choose anywhere in the middle. The numbers are just numbers.


Why not just answer the question and do your preaching in a PM to OP?


Because this thread has been read about 400 times, but only posted in less than 20 times.

Many, many people use information and advice from these forums that do not post. Those people will not see that PM.

We prefer not to recommend steroids to teenagers without big "warning disclaimers" on them.


Your post offered no help to the OP whatsoever. Mine did.

Why even post this?