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Safer Steroids

I understand that there are many different types of steroids out there. I’m wondering which are known to have less side effects mainly baldness and testicular shrinkage. Also what about the legal steroids like testosterone enhancers and what not. are they even worth the time and money or are they just a big waste. I’m pretty new to steroids and am trying to learn more, sorry if this is a stupid question but everybodys got start somewhere.

Well the legal ones that are decent have sides. All steroids cause testicular shrinkage after a certain time because they all shutdown your own production of test. Methyl 1 test and methyl dien get good reviews. (Methyle dien gets mixed reviews) I think 4AD spray with methyl 1 test would be a good legal stack, though this won’t be legal for long and will shut your own test production down while you’re on.

No worries about steroids with hair unless you have a tendancy to lose it anyway. IF you do, you can take deca, but that shuts you down the worst. You can take test and add propecia at 1.25mg/day- 2.5mg/day. You should read some articles here on t-mag.

Do a search for the Steroid Newbie thread. It will help assist you in where to look and what to research