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Safer Steroids

Im looking for information on safer steroids, Im new to the steroid scene therefore am lacking information all together. I understand that their are numerous types and am just looking for some information. Thanks for the help.

do some research, you’ll find lots of info. Usually Class I steroids that are weak androgens are usually the safest. Class II steroids that are very androgenic are usually considered more toxic. Also, any steroid classified as a 17-alpha alkyloid will be hepatoxic on the liver if taken in high doses.

Read some articles here on T-mag. starting here.

Safe is a funny term. some say anavar is ‘safe’ cause it can’t cause gyno but it is slightly liver toxic. Primo is also regarded as safe by a lot of people, but actually all steroids can be safe and all can be dangerous. Dose makes the poison. Some steroids are liver safe but bad for your hair or gyno. Others may be safe for hair but slightly liver toxic. Test can cause gyno but if you use the right anti estrogens like nolvadex, clomid, arimidex. you’ll be fine.
Most beginners do well with 600mg/week total steroid. Test and dbol makes a nice first bulker, but it depends on your goals. If you were doing this you would want to use nolvadex or clomid while your’re on and for a few weeks after your done. You may also use some arimidex while on only.

do a search on t-forums for the “steroid newbie thread” it will give you all the direction you need