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Safely Discontinue Testosterone Injections?

Hi all. I’ve read through old posts but didn’t find anything applicable. I figure users on this forum know more about TRT than the general practitioner doc who prescribed it for me. I had a physical 34 months ago (at age 40) with a lot of blood work done. I didn’t have any ailments, it was just for new insurance. Doc said my testosterone was low at 321 so I should start injections. I’ve done 1 mL every two weeks of testosterone cypionate 200mg/mL and that’s the only drug I take. The stuff definitely builds muscle but the only exercise I do is mostly cycling with a little swimming. As a result, my thighs have become disproportionately larger and it looks odd since I don’t lift weights to balance the rest of the muscles. My wife prefers the way my legs looked before TRT and so do I.

I want to quit but hormone replacement doesn’t seem like something you should stop all at once. Do I gradually reduce the dosage, increase the time between shots or what? I doubt my doc will know much. He didn’t even know which T level was measured, if it was supposed to be a fasting blood draw, etc. Plus, I only need 2 mL’s each month but he wrote the Rx for the 10 mL vials and I’ve got at least 15 unopened vials of it since the pharmacy does their auto refill thing.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

You can just stop TRT, the majority of men will see their natural production will start up again on it’s own.

The crash is different for everyone, for some it’s severe and others not so much.

Why are you considering quitting TRT?

Really, systemlord? I thought restarts were extremely rare and once you are shutdown after starting exogenous test, it’s for life. How did I misread that after all this time? LOL

What’s the “restarts are rare”, referring to then?

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@notsexy It really depends on how you feel without the testosterone replacement mate. If you really want to stop, do it. But just make sure you run a solid PCT to see if you can get your own started up again. If it does not start up again, you will need to make a decision from there.

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My only experience with letting my HPTA restart on its own was when I did axiron for about a year. When I stopped, I felt no different, except by test levels dropped back down to their measly 250 levels.

I should have been more clear, I was referring to a restart that puts your levels into a therapeutic range higher than what they were before going on TRT. Typically a restart after stopping clomid puts you right back at similar levels per-TRT.

Starting TRT does shut you down and most can stop TRT and see levels return to previous sub optimal levels, people seem to think that after stopping clomid that their testosterone levels will stay elevated in the therapeutic ranges.

The reality is the majority of men see levels fall right back down to suboptimal levels and I believe they should know there odds are quite low at retaining the levels they see on clomid.

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This is the way your legs would have looked with proper levels though. Is it just size, or did you they get vascular also. That’s a huge issue with TRT, increased vascularity.

Just do some upper body work and balance it out. Pull ups would be perfect. Easy to mix in.

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My legs FINALLY grew with TRT. I always have hit them hard and heavy. But now, they actually grow AND the veins… love it.

PCT? HPTA? I know those are letters of the alphabet, but what do they stand for? My doctor knows diddly about TRT and had to look up something on his computer before he wrote the prescription.

Thighs have become disproportionately larger than my calves and it looks odd. Lifting weights is out because left shoulder and hip sockets are too damaged from car wreck. Biking and swimming is plenty for me. Now I need to figure out what to do with all the unopened vials of T.

Did you ever think this is how you were meant to be? Your should be concerned with strength and health, more muscle, the more calories you burn and that equals healthier.

This has got to be the strangest reason I have ever seen for someone wanting to stop TRT.

It WILL catch up to you though. If you enjoy biking, it will eventually affect that.