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Safe Way to Strengthen Back?


I injured my back 4-5 weeks ago doing Deadlifts.
I guess it was a combination of poor form, lifting beyond my capabilities, weak back and working my back in a way in which i've never done before.

I'v yet to return to my training, and when i do i will ease my way into it.

But when i do return to training one of my aims will be to strengthen my back without causing any more injuries to it, so i was wondering what are the safest ways to strengthen my back(particular my lower and middle of my back)?



learn to deadlift....then deadlift


Read Stuart McGill's stuff. He has a book "Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance" for athletes, which you can find on Amazon. There is also quite a number of pages wih interviews and recommendations that you can google.


Like seekonk said...McGill is one of the most accomplished researchers on LBP, his research samples have run the gamut from geriatrics to Strongman competitors. Definately check out his stuff


reverse hyperextensions, good mornings, seated good mornings, hyperextensions, rows, shrugs, scapular retractions, light RDL's, olympic movements