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Safe Way to Dump Zercher Squat


That's what I call a poor mans power rack!


Why do these people let these videos get onto the internet?


Yeah I knew he was done when he unracked it.

Crossfit shorts FTW!


shit! good eye! Crossfit shorts so much fail! I did think he might be able to do it. Is he retarded or something? That would be like me trying to bench 405 without a spot when I can only do a 285 at present. I would die. To bead he didnt. World might be safer.


How much weight is that? I have it pegged at 375# (blue plates = 35 lbs?). Also if it werent for TMUSCLE I would say he is wearing some kinda fag sandals but turns out they're vibram 5 finger.


blue = 20kg/44 lbs

The two are not mutually exclusive.


Yeah...he doesn't look like he had any kinda business using that kind of weight for zerchers...you could tell he was barely able to even unrack it....


here he is completing 180kg, going for pr obviously with the 190


Theres 3 videos, he tried it 3 times failing miserably each. WTF.

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4X3mIJkoLo&feature=related

2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxkfLU1sVx4&feature=related

3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOkikdrEGlE&feature=related


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Ummm. So what if he failed. You've never failed a lift? He got 180. It doesn't seem that big a stretch to reach for 190. It was kind of a hilarious way to dump it but if he's done it like that before and it works, so what?



Its fun making fun of the crossfit guys but some of them are pretty beastly.


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That is twenty two pounds on a not so good set up zercher squat.


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Not only this, but I don't understand why he's not walking it out. He takes no step back at all.

Zerchers by nature can be done to failure safely and without spotters. Just dump the weight forward. This guys not giving himself the room for a safe dump.


I sort of see it as rather silly. I mean, his arm's in a sling...it's time to take a break.
Hell, maybe he broke his arm by being an idiot the day before.


True enough but there seems to be a lot of hand wringing and tongue clucking. You've never done anything questionable? As for the dump, 22lbs isn't that huge a jump particularly if you've always dumped it forward successfully.

In fact, this kind of puts me in mind of PMPMs deadlift video when she overpulls, loses the bar, goes over backwards and whacks her head. She could have been hurt, she wasn't, so we all laughed. It's a lift in which you have the reasonable expectation of easily dumping it forward. I wouldn't equate it to bench. Having said that, I now have my guy stand behind me when I pull super heavy.

Me, I would have taken it off lower. I did them yesterday and find them hard as hell to re-rack, even when it's lower.


meh, dumping the lift on himself was a bit alarming (twice) and yes his rack was too high but hell, he failed at a lift, big deal and furthermore, his successful lift was more than 95% here could zercher. btw if you failed on a max effort zercher lift and you're stuck in that bottom position, it would be almost impossible to dump forward. i'm not crazy about max zercher singles, always did 3 rep maxes myself and always used the cage. they are not as easy to dump as you might think...especially if you're stuck at the bottom - what are you gonna do, roll it off your knees? ouch.