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Safe Way of Storing Testosterone


Hello guys, so I have been going back and forth with the problem I have and I’m sure a few people don’t know the answer and the safest way to approach this so I though a topic can help me and other newbies trying to store their oil for TRT.

Myself I get my T in ampules of 1ML/250mg, and my protocol is 125mg per week.

Once I break my ampule I need to draw only 0.5ml and store the rest.

I have the first option to draw up 0.5ML of sustanon which contains my T and has 100mg of benzyl alcohol and keep in the syringe in a sealed zippy bag inside a container, but I heard and read that benzyl alcohol can eat through the rubber in the syringe.

Second option is I have 10ML sterile empty vials, maybe I could break the ampules and transfer the oil into the sterile ampules and store 10ML of oil in the vial, but what makes us sure the oil will not get containment in the sterile vial.

What the safest method for this as I need to do this for the rest of my life and my country only has ampules not vials of T.

Do I prepload and store for 1 week? Or do I need to transfer my oil into empty sterile vials and draw every week or so?

Below are the sustanon ampules:

Below are my empty sterile vials;

Thanks for the support guys!