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Safe to Use Finasteride?

So I have been curious about using Finasteride due to my receding and thinning hairline, MPB runs in both sides of the family but my own hair as shedded, receded and thinned immensely since I turned 23 (currently 25). My plan would be to cut a 1mg pill into quarters (.25mg, to minimize side effects) and take this everyday. Would this have any negative effects on my health? I’ll take balding over serious health risks but it’s been hard to find lifters results with the drug.

25 YO
5 FT. 7.

Dont use that shit there are plenty of guys that have their libido ruined for YEARS even after use. you can do a wuick google search, i just randomly found this https://newatlas.com/finasteride-hair-loss-sexual-dysfunction/48350/
Suck it up its a normal part of being a man, warts and all. Julius Cesar dint care and i dont either.

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I second that. It screwed up my hormones as well leading me to be on TRT for life. Lots of guys have it worse. You are taking a serious chance of messing yourself up for your hair. Your call.

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Women don’t care if guys are balding or have shaved heads. They absolutely do care if guys have a non-functioning penis. Finasteride is a nightmare in pill form. Stay away.


On another note, your TSH is very high. Get that checked out.

What about minodoxil?

It will work, maybe even get some regrowth. But do you want to be a slave to rogaine for the rest of your life? Its an option though. Some people have weird sides, but NOTHING like Finasteride. Stay away.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I will stay away from it and just use minoxidil. On the side note I am getting another blood test to look into my TSH as I had just recently started iodine supplementation.