Safe to take Testosterone without Letrzole?

First post here, just joined, anyways a few years ago I was on testosterone and Dr had me take Letrozole, a half pill once every 2 weeks if I recall.

Started out with pellets under the skin once(way way expensive!), then troches in cheek and gums, then went to cypinate shots once a week.

Dr left clinic and new Dr told me testosterone shots were dangerous and wouldn’t prescribe them, also I was being treated for low thyroid and new dr explained it wasn’t their specialty like the Dr that left.

I was told to go to family or primary dr to get thyroid treatment as I told them I couldn’t afford pellets under the skin.

Go to primary dr show him my recent thyroid and testosterone labs, he talked me out of testosterone and started treating my thyroid.

He sent me to endocrinologist to treat thyroid as he was scared of my very high5 grains nature throid dose I took, the endocrinologist ran labs and testosterone very low, wrote me rx for the tiny vials of testosterone to inject myself after I said no to rub on creams, gf was at visit and said she doesn’t want testosterone cream absorbing into her skin as we sleep next to each other.

Walking out of endocrinologist office I remembered that I used to take letrozole as a AI forgot what word but to prevent testosterone I take to turning into estrogen which is toxic in high doses to men, first dr years ago explained.

I walked back in and asked but lady at counter said dr was gone for day, so took a message, a few days later medical assistant called back and said I don’t need anything with testosterone.

So I have hesitated taking it.

Do I need a AI such as letrozole while taking testosterone shots?

Also this dr says take 1ml shot once every 2 weeks, I used to take 1/2ml shot once a week, kept old bigger bottle.

Been almost 3 years since I had any testosterone, what do you think?

Not everyone on testosterone needs an aromatase inhibitor. Upon starting TRT, some wait until they start to have symptoms of high estradiol and have lab levels to explain it. Your E2 level should have been evaluated at time your test level was. Does the doctor intend to follow-up with labs later to see how you are responding? Will E2 levels be checked at that time?

Bimonthly injections will not make you happy. You should be injecting once or twice a week.

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Your SHBG levels will determine injection frequency and dosing, GP’s, endocrinologists and urologists are typically TRT ignorant. One injection every two weeks doesn’t work, there’s a 12 year old study that proves it doesn’t work, and yet doctors continue to stumble in the dark.

Private care is the only way to go, the culture of TRT in the medical community is ignored in medical schools, this is the reason why most doctors are TRT ignorant. Every doctor is best in a certain field of medicine, endocrinologists thyroid and diabetes, urologists prostate and bladder and GP’s general medicine.

Notice how I didn’t mention any of those doctors specialise in male hormones/TRT. So you’re taking advice from a doctor who is TRT ignorant, TRT injections aren’t dangerous, these doctors are.

Unless you have labs showing estrogen very high or symptoms, then you don’t need an AI.

I’m going back to Endocrinologist tomorrow for follow up appointment on thyroid and A1C (pre diabetic) and the other usual labs, my PSA was 0.5 looking online at my lab results.

She didn’t check testosterone this time, maybe she forgot.

Maybe I should ask her to add on the E2 to the labs and that other lab test?

Can I order my own E2, Testosterone and SHBG though local lab place if she refuses?

Also I have new syringes left over from last time taking shots, they are 22g X 1 1/2, then a thick needle head to draw up the testosterone from bottle.

I always got nervous stabbing that long needle in my thigh, but did it.

Is 1 1/2 length needle necessary?