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Safe to Leave Vehicle At Airport?

What does everyone think of leaving their vehicle at an airport parking lot for a week at a time? Good idea or bad idea? I’ve never done this before and am worried about my vehicle being broken into. I am thinking of flying out of detroit metro, (it’s much cheaper then flying out of ontario, where I live, to my particular destination).

Airport parking lots generally are fairly decently guarded, I wouldn’t worry to much bro. I have left my vehicle up to two weeks in long term parking without incident and I fly about twice a month. There might be a slight risk associated with it but I would rest easy for the most part. Ive left my car in Louisville, St.Louis, Miami no problem

I’ve never once been to Detroit, but I have left my car at Dulles in DC and Ohare in Chi many times without incident.

You have to think though, Eminem is from Detroit. He hasn’t released anything for a long time… That’s a bad combo and it could spell bad news for you.

Yeah you should be fine. I’ve left my car at O’Hare in Chicago like beebuddy and it was fine.

I have done it too many times to remember. No problem.

It’s Detroit, what’s the worst that could happen?

Seriously, I have parked there for 10 days at time with no incidents. And it is actually not in Detroit.

as safe as leaving it parked in any other public parking area i suppose.

I leave mine at a parking garage when I fly, I have no problems yet

I fly weekly. I have an old car that I take to the airport so it doesn’t draw much attention. Don’t know the siutation in Detroit but I park offsite about 2 mi. from the airport and take the shuttle. It’s very secure and a little cheaper.

I travel a lot and leave my car at the economy (long-term) parking lot. I have done this numerous times (at Tampa Int’l), never had a problem.

Like the prior post stated, they have people who patrol the lots, and also have cameras everywhere.

Obviously, don’t leave anything of value where it can be seen and you’ll be fine.