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Safe to Increase Dmae Dosage?

I am currently using DMAE as part of my nootropic stack, I find DMAE to be the most effective part of it so was wondering if is it safe to bump up the dosage?

I am currently using the Now Foods brand which says it contains 250 mg of DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) (from dinethylaminoethanol bitartrate). I’m guessing the 250 mg is the actual DMAE and not the Bitartrate as the capsules are massive. Is this correct?

The Source Naturals version says that it contains 130mg DMAE (from 351 mg DMAE bitartrate). Which makes it more clear. I have not tried this brand though.

I currently take it 3 times a day, morning, lunch and dinner, however if I where to double up the dosage in one go, say 2 at once in the morning rather than at lunch, would this be safe to do, or may I have a bad reaction to it?

Also what are peoples views on DMAE? Looking around a lot of places I see of people advise to stay away from it, I have tried other choline sources and none seem to compare and don’t react too well to some.