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Safe to Do Exercises that Don't Cause Pain?


Let me explain:

I have an unknown shoulder injury because I'm too poor to go to the doctor or a physical therapist. Essentially, dip motions cause sharp pain and reaching straight up while going backwards (think arm circles) cause pain.

But everything else feels fine. Let's say a particular motion does not hurt, like say a chin-up, is it safe to do?

I don't want to further injure my shoulder or prevent it from healing.

My fear is that, while doing chin-ups or another exercise may feel fine, it could actually be causing damage without me being aware of it.


yes, you can do anything that causes pain.

You really need to go see someone about your shoulder. Shit like that just gets worse without treatment. You don't want to leave it too long and get told you'll never lift again.


Sounds like a rotator cuff issue.
Dips and pull ups can really screw your shoulders up if there's any pre-existing weakness there.
No dips, bench or pull ups for a while, just work on your back with rows, flyes for your chest.
I had a similar issue and military presses strangely were fine.


oops! I meant to say you can do anything that DOESN'T cause pain! Wow that was a bad one


Do you have trigger point(s)?
Did you try foam Rolling or using a stick for self massage?
There are many potential issues but mine improved with rest than pull apart(using a rehab/pilates band) and i also did broomstick stretches.
When you get better only add 1 exercise at a time to avoid the cause(s).
All the best !