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Safe to Change Needle and Reuse Syringe?

I am having trouble finding new syringes after the lockdown here .

I have a few new syringes left with plenty of fresh needles so was wondering is it’s ok to fill a new 1ml syringe fully and just inject my required dose eg : 0.2ml of the 1ml in syringe for EOD… and recapping with a fresh needle at every shot?

If ok …than how long can I reuse the same syringe max after it starts disintegrating?

Are you talking about shopping online? or local pharmacies?

Have ordered online let’s wait and see but in the mean time I have no choice

How often are you pinning?

Pinning EOD

I know lots of guys do that. If it were me, I’d move to 2x/week to extend my supply

So it’s sort of safe ? At least for a short emergency duration

Theoretically, your oil is sterile, the syringe is sterile so as long as you don’t aspirate you could maintain sterility by changing needles.

Can you switch to insulin needles? Those are mass produced. Should be easier to get

Insulin needles are too short …max I can find are 8mm ,and I’m pinning .5 inch IM

A lot of guys here pin subQ. I tried it but I didn’t like it. Might be something for you to consider until you get your supply back up.

Yea but don’t want to mess up my regime still trying to dial in till now

Order from GPZ. Theyre pretty quick. And stock up

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This is who I use but they’re shipping can be expensive so its better to make a large order rather than several small ones

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Yeah, its wise to buy bulk with them. But theyre dependable and have what you need.

Where are you that you cant get syringes?

Asia …have ordered online but was asking this for temporary till I get them delivered