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Safe Sweetener?

I’ve been debating soft drinks with my co-worker all day. I’ve come across some articles that really shocked me…especially the one about sucralose.



Do most of you guys just avoid sodas all together??

Since I drink so little soda, when I want one, I drink the real thing. I just allot for the extra calories. I do not drink “diet” sodas.

Mercola is a Chicken Little paranoid freak. He also thinks remote control door locks, oatmeal and underwire bras will kill people.

And I read this somewhere - the only studies showing Splenda is bad were sponsored by the sugar industry. Plus you could never consume that much anyway. Remember, even excess water can kill you if you drink too much.

[quote]Dave2 wrote:
Mercola is a Chicken Little paranoid freak. He also thinks remote control door locks, oatmeal and underwire bras will kill people.

And I read this somewhere - the only studies showing Splenda is bad were sponsored by the sugar industry. Plus you could never consume that much anyway. Remember, even excess water can kill you if you drink too much.


LOL Good to know…I’ll stop digging my bomb shelter now…

So is everyone pretty cool with sucralose then? I usually add one packet to my coffee in the morning, one to my protein shake, and sometimes i have a soda with it, but most days just water…

[quote]MassiveClass wrote:
So is everyone pretty cool with sucralose then?[/quote]

Yes, Sucralose is cool.

I say any and all of the sweetners are OK in moderation. I actually prefer the otehrs like aspartame based ones they have more time behind them than the new ones. Or stevia which is natural.

Like Dave2 said in most cases you couldnt or wouldnt want to eat the amount needed in the test. I mean a mouse eating a few grams a day would be like you loading up a few buckets and eating it with a spoon or even greater.

Just use it sparingly and you’re golden IMO

I’ve been known to eat granulated splenda straight out of a bowl sometimes…and am I ok?
Wait; don’t answer that.

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if these weird physicians really believe the stuff they put on their websites.

Because the extent to which they go by perverting the science that’s publicaly available just makes you think about a more sinister agenda…because I can deal with evil people who want to exploit others.

The purposefully ignorant on the other hand that is a much harder thing to stomach for one who strives to educate himself.

Again, Mercola has been the target of some regulatory actions by the FDA because of false advertisment.

I mean come on! Look at how this guy ‘‘educates’’ the population!!!

Q: The corporations say sucralose is safe.

A: They said the same thing about aspartame, and look at the rampant disease and obesity taking over America since aspartame was put into the food supply over 20 years ago.

Makes me want to throw my computer screen on the wall.

To the poster, you could eat a couple a grams a day and would have no effects. Like it has been said you would have to eat buckets (and that is litteraly, not metaphorically) over a sustained period to have side effects.

Say what you will about the FDA, but since people have been bitching about the effects of these ‘‘artificial sweetners’’, the FDA has reopened the case many times and asked for new research and every freakin’ time they find nothing unless you consume inhuman amounts. At one point, we could accuse theme of being far too cautious…hell, you’d need to eat less suger to develop diabetes than you would basically any sweetner to have the mentionned effets.

Ah the Internet, such a double edged sword!


I don’t believe everyting Mercola preaches, but a few items that I have cross-referenced with other well educated scientists/physicians are factually based.

If you want pure science, with no bias to buy products, check out www.yourmedicaldetective.com. Dr. Ron Gristanti is a holistic nutrition advocate who is extremely scientific in his writings. His paper on aspartame and MSG is an eye opener. I agree with the first poster, just go with regular and enjoy “the real thing”. Although diet is much worse than regular in many cases, high fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid aren’t exactly a health food. I would say dump all soft drinks to maybe once a month.

There are no long term studies on sucrose and the ones that were done were a joke, just like the FDA. It’s a sucrose molecule washed with chlorine… does that even sound healthy?! BTW, aspertame is one of the worst artificial chemicals in history when it comes to reports of adverse events (negative side effects).


Well TS…I don’t know what to say.

Our friend Dr. Grisanti did pour his heart out to us in his little autobiography on his site. Showing us how mordern medicine has failed him, nearly destroying his life, until one day, one special physician diagnosed dysbiosis that was leading to stage III adrenal exhaustion no less.

Which of course would be adrenocortical insufficiency …of no stage, which is not caused by dysbiosis. More over, all the symptoms discribed, only on fits with potential adrenocortical insufficiency (syncope). All his other symptoms actually fit with what was diagnosed by those ‘‘wrong’’ doctors.

''The lowest point of my life came approximately one year later. After losing my home, vehicle, saving and all my self-esteem, I admitted myself in a hospital for people with nervous breakdowns and mental health problems… The best that medicine could offer me what that I was suffering with anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

And dysbiosis…yeah…he went freaking nuts with panic attacks and depression and is now reducing cognitive dissonance by finding an answer such as dysbiosis.

Besides its potential link in IBS, dysbiosis as a problem is a pretty hard to find on any medical search engine, considering how easy it would be to test for or in fact, pretty hard if you have no specific bacterial target to look for.

At least he goes on to say that ‘‘I had tried acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, chiropractic, hypnosis, meditation, massage, applied kinesiology. All to no avail.’’

Frankly,this chiropractor’s site is no better then the Mercola’s of this world, well that’s not true, it does look better. Having taken his Oh so very extensive Free Tour all I see are either some news clippings like the one I get on MSN.com, some facts mixed with some dubious statements (just the right amount so you take in the good with just enough spice of bad) and some nicely colored pages with some info on vitamins.

I mean, at what time are people going to learn about snakeoil salesmans…no bias for products you say? Every freaking page is trying to sell me his In-Depth reports on X, Y, Z disease and Books on weight-loss after forty, while charging you 15$ for registration and 8$ per month for his site…giving you access to relatively biased information that is already freely accessible on-line. I’ve seen money more well spent on porn sites.

Frankly, when an M.D. tells his patient to get off is fucking fat ass and get some exercise he gets sued. But if he’s a X.X.X.X (insert any letter you want, some holistic dude probably uses them anyways)…if he’s a X.X.X.X, oh, then he treats the whole person, looks for the root cause, not just the symptoms…gimme a freaking break.

What’s funny is that were we to live in a world where modern medecine was a sideline treatment option, these same people would be flocking to it.

In a way, it’s all pretty understandable, most alternative health care advocates sell one and only one thing: Control.

They sell you control over your health, since they explain things to you in a simplistic (not simplified, and sadly often wrong) way and purposefully tell you that this is stuff your doctor doesn’t know about. This makes you believe that you understand health so you don’t end up feeling that you’re talking to an intimidating rocket scientist with a white coat anymore…

And then I calm down and tell myself, like I do about the poor uneducated people of our world who turn to crime, violence, drugs and so on that its not all their fault, society did not equip them to succeed, they just didn’t have the tools, their parents were mean drunks and they were abused or that the only model they have and so on and so forth.

I just don’t have it in me to say what some docs say when they can’t take it anymore: Fuck’em, let them treat their gonorrhea with olive oil and a touch of parsley… (I’ll come around I’m sure of it)

Overall TS, my man, threads like this end up like the Evolution vs. Creation or Democrats vs Republicans threads. Some people go for science and some go for the Truth. And sadly, no amount of science can put a dent in Truth. So why start them.

So this whole post is just a way for me to indulge my little neurosis of pointing falacious arguments, erroneous statements or just plain old ignorance. I managed to keep it in check during the Evo vs Creation threads, letting other waste their energy typing away, but I couldn’t take it anymore!

By the way, on aspartame being the anti-christ, no such litterature, but spread the Truth brother, I will be right there with you getting my weekly Ajax colon cleasing and my tomato peels liver detoxifier while the rest of the world withers away in an ungodly mass of cancerous tissue and then we shall be ushered into an age of 1,000 years of health.

Oh, it will be glorious, GLORIOUS!!!

I’m not going to get drawn into the debate about the safeness of artificial sweeteners, but if you want one that is TOTALLY safe and natural, try Stevia. You can buy it at any health food store.