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Safe Supplements?


Hey informed ones!
I am trying to decide whether or not to start taking some sort of supplement in addition to training to get the results I want. I am in reletively good shape, a college student and I am not looking to lose "weight" as in numbers, I am relly just looking to lose fat and gain definition, (not look soft!)

If you wonder why I dont just go buy a bottle of hydroxycut or something, it is because I am really looking for a SAFE way to go about this, I do not want anything crazy happening with hormones, and if I decide to come off of it I dont want any weird side effects happening, I am just finding it hard to find good advice! Can anyone help?! Thanks


what do u look like and what do u want to look like. (size)
do u want to get stronger or just cut


Well, from what it sounds like: you're a beginner. The majority of advice you're going to receive is to workout properly, and get nutition in order. This will work better than most suppliments. But, if you have your mind set on supplimenting to lose fat: HOT-ROX or Fahrenheit (chelsea? Guy or girl?)


I am a girl! and I am 5'9 about 145 lbs, and I am looking to gain some muscle weigh but mostly just definition. I am on a good program, and my diet is monitered.


99% of supplements are safe given proper dosage and solid health before taking. As far as I know, Hydroxycut or any other over the counter burner will not make you crazy after taking them properly.

If you diet is monitored and your workout in order, what are you hoping to gain from supps? Do you just want to speed up the process?

As far as a top notch fat burner is concerned HOT-ROX is great. Green tea capsules could also be very beneficial to you as an additional product.


The usual training and nutrition in order, etc....

I am a huge fan of both HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7. As it sounds like you are already pretty lean, you especially might like Methoxy-7.



Why would you believe that anyone would respond to you/this?

Why did I?????


If you're on a "good program" then stay with what you're doing -- unless you're not receiving the results that you desire. Reducing fat and increasing lean mass simultaneously is difficult under normal circumstances. However, you could try Carbolin 19. I haven't tried it myself, but I know there was a thread in the T-Vixen forum discussing it.