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Safe Supplements for Teens

I am a 15 year old male who lifts very hard. I drink protien after every workout. Also before workouts I take a creatine/ribose drink. What other things can I try at my age, I am serious about lifting and don’t fuck around in the gym. I need some advice and figured you guys were the ones to ask, Thanks, (love the mag!)

Hey, It’s great that you are starting so young but for now just stick to the basics, get plenty of protein, take a multi Vitamin, and take the creatine after your workout, not before. Other than that I wouldn’t try anything else for at least 5 years or so, play it safe. Good luck

Sounds like you already have a solid supplement plan going. At 15, it would be a waste to try much else (you are in a natural anabolic state at that age). So, other than the protein and creatine/ribose, just make sure and follow a proper diet.

Like the other guys said, stick with the basics. Creatine is good, and a MRP would be good if you don’t eat well. Other than that don’t waste your money. Take it from a guy who was just like you. I started at 15 and bought a lot of crappy supps that didn’t work. But you know what, they worked for me cause I thought they did. HMB, put on a lot of strength. Not cause the supp works in fact it SUCKS, but becasue I thought it would and felt like I should be training harder cause I was taking it. Realize that right now your body doesn’t need all that extra stuff to get strong. You will do just fine with a little creatine and MRPs. Just train your ass off and you should have no problems. Good Luck!

Yeah, stick to the basics. Eat good and often, creatine is good too. Just stay away from any type of gear, unless you want to be seriously fucked up later. If you want to do that one day, wait until your twenties when your body if finished developing. Train hard, eat, get plenty of rest and the results will come.

Glutamine works great. Taking 2 grams 4times a day can get you results. Make sure your protein is a CFM whey isolate, it has the highest biological value and is rich in growth factors. Some other good supplements are a ZMA, methoxyisoflavone, ipriflavone, and a high quality tribulus. Most important of all, read all you can about bodybuilding. Read every book and visit as many informative web sites you can.