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Safe Simple First Cycle Input?


I posted a couple days ago, got some great feedback and did yet even more research. So I'm just asking what everyone thinks of this (final?) plan. Simple and safe with minimal sides and fast recovery is my goal, something that would be great for a first experiment cycle.

Here goes:

Wk 1-4 : Dbol 40mg/day
Wk 1-10: Test-E 500mg/Wk split up into 2 doses of 250mg
Wk 1-10: Adex 0.5mg Every Other Day (no gyno plz!)
Wk 1-10: hCG 500iu/wk split up into 2 doses of 250iu (keep my balls, come off easier)
Wk 12-15: Nolva 40/40/20/20mg per day

What do you think? Fool-proof, good for a safe first cycle? I don't wanna risk gyno and want to make cycling off the least painful as possible.

PS the reason Dbol is at 40/day is cause the pills I bought are in 20mg CAPS so I cant split em :frowning: won't make that mistake next time.

special thanks to c.m.l. for making me research hCG a bit more and finding it's not just for PCT, and is better to be used on cycle to keep the testes, no need to let em shrink.


Looks good


looks fine. some would suggest running the dbol at the end rather than the beginning.

your gains slow after several weeks due to myostatin expression at which point its advisable to up doses, or add swap drugs etc.

ps your welcome, glad i could help. you wont regret the use of hcg, i dont think ill ever cycle without it


I know it's not necessary... but you did say you wanted to be extra safe.... No Clomid in PCT?

Other than that it looks good, i agree with the gentleman above, if it were me i'd use dbol towards the end.


Hey OP are you now planning on running your first cycle? Me too and have just signed up here and posted after a bit of research I think I'm going for something similar to you but waiting on some advice before I order, my plan so far is;

Wk 1-6 : Winstrol Tabs 20/30/40/40/30/20
Wk 1-8: Sustanon 1 dose per week of 250mg
Wk 1-8: Arimidex 0.5mg PER DAY but I notice you have put every other day was this based on someone's advice?
Wk 4-8 Proviron 25mg per day
HCG I weren't going to use but have just been reading about it and it seems I may need to add it?
Wk 11-14: Nolva 40/30/20/10mg per day
Wk 11-14: Clomid 40/30/20/10mg per day

Anything you see there that you have been advised against or does anyone else have any input?




i think you are being way too terrified of estrogen... if you take that much Adex on this cycle, your joints are gonna feel like sandpaper.

while i think Sustanon at 1 shot a week is too low, based off your info this is what i'd suggest...

Wk 1-4: Winny-50 mg/day
Wk 1-8: Sustanon
Wk 5-8: Proviron-25 mg/day
Wk 9-12: Nolvadex-20 mg/day

you don't need an AI with only 250 mg of Sust, especially with winny and Proviron (which help control estrogen, btw)...

you don't need to wait for 3 weeks for PCT... the half-life of a lot of steroids has been vastly exaggerated on a lot of message boards...

also, you don't need clomid and nolva at the same time, especially for this cycle....


Hey Sam, I'm doing 0.5mg Adex EOD because you still need estro, my dose is actually on the higher end to be safe. And with hCG, I'm running it on cycle to keep my testes working, that's always a good thing right :wink: Do plenty of research, and definitely ask people with more experience than me haha.


Hey Sam, I'm doing 0.5mg Adex EOD because you still need estro, my dose is actually on the higher end to be safe. And with hCG, I'm running it on cycle to keep my testes working, that's always a good thing right :wink: Do plenty of research, and definitely ask people with more experience than me haha.


Thanks guys I am getting some conflicting advice on this on other threads and have been advised to scrap winstrol and proviron and only do either clomid or nolvadex.

Your comments on Adex seem to be agreed on but I am being told to take it and just up my dosage of sustanon so what do you think about the below please;

Week 1-8 / 10 Sustanon 125mg or 250mg every other day?
Should I have an oral
Week 1-?? Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
HCG how should I add this?
week 10-12 / 12-14 clomid or nolvadex?

The more I ask the more vague this cycle gets haha but I am determined to know exactly what is the right thing to do before doing it.




Sust 250 mg EOD weeks 1-10
Adex .25 EOD adjust need be weeks 1-13
Hcg 250iu 3x a week starting no later than week 3 stop 4-5 days before pct

Pct 3 weeks after last pin
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Or both
Nolva 20/20/20/20
Clomid 100/50/50/50

I tend to taper off serms as well. Also I use a low dose AI throughout pct.


Thanks BUDs so I have taken on your advice and a few other helpful peoples and come up with the following can you critique again for me please;

Week 1-8 Sustanon 250mg Every 3rd Day
Week 1-9 Arimidex 0.5mg Every 3rd Day
Week 3-9 HCG 250iu Every 3rd Day
Is it an issue doing all these 3 on the same day?
Week 10-12 Nolvadex 40\30\20 mg per day
Week 10-12 Clomid 100\50\50 mg per day


I would give sust 3 weeks to clear before pct


So start PCT 3 weeks from day of last pin? Some people say 2 and some 3 but I'm guessing 3 is correct for sustanon because of the mixture of long and short esters ye?


Sooo..... lots more advice and I have put this together can someone take a look please? I feel so close to being ready but still have these questions to find the answers to.

First Cycle Draft

Week 1-8 Day 1-57 (57 days 19 doses) Sustanon 250mg Every 3rd Day (4 x 1250mg/5ml = £90.00 - 250mg/1ml left)
Week 1-12 Day 1-87 (87 days 29 doses) Arimidex 0.5mg Every 3rd Day (1 x 30mg box = £33.00 - 15.5mg left)
Week 3-9 Day 13-63 (51 days 17 doses) HCG 250iu Every 3rd Day (1 x 5000iu = £22.00 - 750iu left)
Week 10-12 Day 66-87 (21 days/doses) Nolvadex 40\30\20 mg per day (3 x 300mg box = £30.90 - 270mg left)
Week 10-12 Day 66-87 (21 days/doses) Clomid 100\50\50 mg per day (1 x 1500mg box = £15.50 - 100mg left)

Total Cost = £191.40

Should I add an oral or another injectable to cycle?

Is dosage all ok on all of these for a first cycle i.e. enough for good results low enough to avoid sides?

If I take Sustanon, Arimidex and HCG every third day can these all be on the same day?

Does pricing seem about right as this may be an indication on the legitimacy of the supplier?

I know I can't ask about a supplier on here but can I ask about the quality of a maufacturer as these are all made by one?

Do any of these clash such as Nolvadex, Arimidex and Clomid at the same time at these dosages for the final 21 days?

The one I am most unsure of is HCG, does this seem right for pricing/dosage/ammount?
It comes with a 2ml vial of liquid to mix the dry solution with but someone told me to use 250iu each time so is it going to be hard to split this into that small dose?

Is 1 inch 25 gauge needle in the quad going to be good for the sustanon? How about the HCG?

Final question does anyone know if there is a way to legally buy needles and syringes in the UK?


I've started my own thread with new revision of cycle so anyone willing to help go to;


Thanks in advance