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Safe, Progressive and Focused Inroad

The progression of Weight-Induced Resistance Exercise has been developed and improved over decades. The primary experts, which for the most support their own findings, are Dr. Darden, John Little, Fred Hahn and Pete Sisco.
My views and notes are strictly one of a student and applier of these protocols. Some crucial experiences and guidelines stated precisely . . . in no particular order.

10182001: Inroad a muscle and avoid overloading our system
10182002: Assure adequate inroad through muscle failure
10182003: Do not off-load, out-road, perform
10182004: Focus and apply the load on a muscle
10182005: Protect non-muscle tissues such as cartilage, tendons and joints
10182006: Near-zero and zero motion assures near-perfect to perfect measurement
10182007: Exhaust muscles not your body/system
10182008: Gains should occur every session
10182009: Plan your next session with an increased dose/prescription
10182010: Adjust your session with Volume, Recovery Time, Load and Exercise Selection
10182011: Avoid System Inflammation and CNS Trauma

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Gains will be realizable and measurable once one assures direct focused resistance into a muscle/muscle-group

10182012: Improvement is measured in Weight Utilized, Muscular Size and Strength
10182013: Strength is relative only to yourself and must be measurable to be supportive
10182014: Recovery Time and Session Volume are best adjusted independently
10182015: Time Under Load (TUL or TUT(tension) should remain constant once an adequate weight is developed

My recent experience in a six day recovery time was not enough for my Leg Press exercise as I adjusted the moment arm (5 degrees) for about the last two seconds. My experience today was intense and locked in for the entire exercise … after eight days recovery and five pound increase. That point leads to the following …

10182016: Under a Max Pyramid hold the angle of the joint(s) must be maintained to assure the full intensity of the prescribed load. Adjustment will inadvertently make the hold a bit easier leading to a decrease in planned intensity. One should focus on a steady non-moving hold since a sight tweak/change eases the intense focus into the muscle/muscle-group.

What does this mean


I think it’s a combination of


Interesting… Back in the good old days, either Darden’s old forum, or maybe the Body By Science forum, you said that you only trained your legs once every 6 to 8 weeks.

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Yeah I thought this section was for Dr Ds coaching, not for some faceless troll to promote the ideas of others. Grant refuses to see the validity of Dr Ds other ideas, such as 30-10-30, 15-15-15 + 8-12, 10-10-10 or high carb/low fat diet recommendations, inspite of the fact many have been successful. Huh, and he’d the cheek to accuse others with “diluting” Dr Ds message.

Yup, leg press once every six weeks is what he said. Limitless progress eh lol

Keeping tension on the muscles you’re trying to work is Good. Keep the muscle “Loaded” so you get “Inroads.”

When you bounce, heave or swing and take tension off the muscle you are “Off-Loading” and who knows what you’re working when that happens? The work is “Off Roaded.”

That’s a pretty solid concept, all my favorite lifters and coaches go out of their way and use all kinds of special techniques and equipment to keep the work where it’s supposed to go.

Exhausting your muscles, not your system is like “bodybuilding” and focusing on fatiguing muscles Vs “powerlifting” and training/fatiguing your Central Nervous System. Like how bodybuilders don’t spend a lot of time deadlifting, because it tires you out without really stimulating tons of mass.

So none of that is really controversial. Except I thought that really slow, weighted movements pounded the snot out of your CNS. Or is that only when the weights are heavy-heavy?

FF … this concept is very solid. Many of us older folk have seen the evolution of exercise protocols. In my particular situation I must adjust the following to assure I do not overload my CNS. Once I am back at previous levels the following will occur …
Three Major Compound exercises will become two plus one minor then
Two Major Compound exercises will become one plus two minor then
One Major Compound exercise begins to extend beyond weekly session into 10 day sessions and eventually 14 day sessions.

While one is adding focused weight at relatively (individualized) high loads, session volume must be reduced or else a CNS disaster which leads to fatigue, inflammation, lower immune system, etc.

Not adjusting volume and recovery, as shown above, is why SuperSlow stagnated and became impossible to realize measurable gains, and by extension actual gains. John Little addressed the concept of volume reduction, but never really promoted it. Very few folks are cognizant enough to realize that volume must be reduced as weights increase. With 303030, Max Pyramid, 6060, 120120 etc. motion and performance can be virtually eliminated leaving “only” prescribed weight. Volume and Recovery planning are crucial at this point.

During the Ch19na block-down (and previous affliction) I became somewhat deconditioned, and am “enjoying” the re-tracing of where I once was. TY!

Another key aspect to assure Focused Inroad is to avoid, reduce and eliminate all forms of off-loading. Some aspects are subtle like heart rate …

10192001: One should allow one’s heart rate to subside to near resting levels as increased breathing (and the need for “air”) will result in a distraction and loss of focused intensity.

So what are the results of this type of training?

Can you produce any pictures or video of your lift #'s or physique that would impress somebody to the extent that they would say “I want to do that”.

Given that you’ re likely not familiar with local customs, when somebody is this enthusiastic about a training method or system, we ask them to provide some sort of proof.

It’s kind of a get to know you & see where you’re coming from, and lend some real rubber meets road credence to the claims.


Are these like Gibbs rules? Am I allowed to know how many there are?

As someone who hasn’t really encountered HIT practitioners before, I’d be interested to see this too.

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Hello … pics don’t matter since we are not in a competition, but (in my case) a continuous quest to approach self-attainment of improved health and strength which assists in longevity and utilizing our cognition to experience temporality. At less than 5 minutes of safe TUL per week (which can be done in 15 minutes of gym time) it is but a snap in time. A lot different than the early Nautilus daze when one would be “fearfully” compelled to spend 90 minutes of heaving TUL for 6 hours of gym time per week … which ironically was low volume at the time.

Nope, you’re just going to have to trust him.

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It is incredibly satisfying to visually see progressions in strength and overall bodily functions. Most external comparisons are irrelevant except perhaps fair competitions and events. Even the events like OL and PL are performance and skill. Perhaps body building is fair, but even then inferior to self comparisons. It is quite inspiring that today (2020) progression is possible and sustainable. Remember many of us old folks learned from the best protocols in history … only to exhaust their effectiveness until the next protocol manifested itself from the “masters”. Today we are fortunate to listen, learn and live from the greats which are mainly Darden, Little, Sisco, Hahn … all of which are still actively studying and sharing.

Grant, youve spent years belittling how others train simply because it doesnt fit with your obsessive agenda or with YOUR experiences, while at the same time putting “YOUR experiences” up on a pedestal like its the panacea. This is why many have requested evidence in the form of pics and or videos…which youve NEVER delivered on. Instead you just repeat yourself and continue to make it up as you go along. Theres many roads lead to Rome, and even then not all are headed for the same destination.

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This is why he’s the only person on my ignore list. Head firmly between his own cheeks and completely clueless, as well as full from being his own human centipede.


That’s quite a word salad you’ve got there, well done. So essentially you lift weights to get healthier and stronger? Me too, how much healthier and stronger have you become by using these methods?


I have noticed that it’s typically people who have not achieved results that are adamant that results are immaterial.