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Safe Music Downloads


I just bought a gateway laptop for college and do not want to mess it up with viruses. My current computer barely functions now because of all the music I downloaded using LimeWire. Does anyone know of a safe program to download music? or a program they've used on a pc that doesnt seem to ruin the computer? I know some people will suggest iTunes but when im in college I don't really want to be throwing dollars away for mp3s.

Thank you for any help.




what are those?




What makes you reccomend this site?


Im pretty sure there stuff like Limewire and Frostwire.


Limewire is what screwed up my current computer. I've heard good things about Ares, anyone have any experience with that program?


Its free easy and I havent had a problem and I have been using it for ages.





there's a site called 3dl.am, they got everything in mp3 or .rar archives and It's free! Plus you can also get your exotic stuff there, it's got a rather large database.

They will usually refer to uploaded.to or rapishshare but you don't have to log in to get your shit, either.


Do you have a pc?




Frostwire pretty much the same thing as limewire but faster


^Download client from either

^Search engines for torrents.

Don't use shit like limewire and frostwire. That's how you mess up your computers.


So let me get this strait. First you're surprised when your computer became infected with viruses and whatnot after heavily using a file-sharing program, then you are too lazy to google "torrents" when suggested to you, and you don't want to be "throwing dollars away" for music you value enough to want in the first place? Your last money-saving venture ended up costing you hundreds for a new laptop, no? To top it all off, you posted this all on a public forum?

You say you're in college?

EDIT: Wait a minute, why did you need to buy a new laptop if all that was wrong with the old one was that it was filled with viruses? Why didn't you just reinstall windows? You know, wipe the drive, start new?

EDIT #2: Why the hell would you buy a Gateway?



Torrents, learn to use them.


x2, you're one of the few select 09ers that has a clue.

Besides, how do you get viruses from downloading music? they're not .exe files


Ha, I suppose I'm technically an 09er, but I've posted on here from time to time before. I didn't use my old account name--stokedporcupine--this time around because I forgot the password and no longer have the email account that name was registered under.

As for the second point, I have no idea. Then again I have no idea how most people get viruses on their computer. To be honest, over the past four or five years I've owned a laptop and a desktop, and in that time I've only occasionally had anti-virus programs running on them. Despite virtually never running anti-virus programs, I've only had to deal with a virus once. That one time I actually HAD an anti-virus program, and I somehow got it while connected to my old school's open network. Needless to say, I had everything backed up on my comp and just wiped the drive and reinstalled windows.

If you're running a firewall virtually the only way you're pulling a virus is if you click on something you shouldn't. I tend to think those who have lots of problems with viruses are the one's click indiscriminately through shady porn sites and whatnot.


Torrents are the only thing you need. They are exactly what you seek, and if anyone suggests something else, it could only be notably inferior to torrents. I have nearly 16,000 songs, and the majority of them came from torrents. No viruses or lawsuits to worry about.


I would say usenet is, overall, just as good as torrents for music/video/programs/porn. There are advantages too, like generally faster download speeds. Of course you have to pay for bandwidth, so it's not quite free.

If someone is too lazy to google 'torrents' though, they certainly will never be on usenet.