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Safe, Legal Steroid? Really?


So, maybe you all know about this by now. But Ive only recently learned about a product called stemulite. The reviews Ive read are excellent. They say its all natural and works by causing your body to release stem cells from your own bones to speed recovery, lengthen workouts, and as a direct result, increase mass like crazy.

Im not totally head over heals about it though, even though the reviews are great. I know sometimes companies can flood the internet with fake reviews and things of the like.
Thats why Im throwin this post up to see if anyone has ever taken it. Let me know what you think even if you havent. Does it sound legit?

Thanks in advance for you responses


I'm no expert and someone who knows better can correct me, but don't out of control stem cells cause some cancers? If this stuff actually did what it says wouldn't introducing random stem cells around your body be a bad thing.


Safe I dont know if i saw any research about this stemulite.... I prefer the real deal human grade stuff..... Lots of tests and you know what to look for with sides and what not. Looks like a bunch of marketing bullshit try


Ahhhhhh this coming from someone who's user name is JESUS Junky. Don't you not believe in stem cells. I kindda remember good ole Pres. Bush stopping all stem cell research in the US for 8 years because of his Bullshit Bible views. But yea, fuck helping people let's screw em over with the whole 911 thing, failing economy thing, fuck the middle class thing, every one lose your house and job thing, oil prices at record highs, $5/gallon gas.

Wait what...oh yea

Massive release of stem cells = bad.
How about baby steps and inject stem cells into the cochlea to cure hearing loss.
Into joints and rebuild cartilage.
And use them to help CURE cancer, and not let them run rampant in one's body potentially CAUSING cancer.


If stem cells were that easy to get hold of then scientists would be having a much easier time doing research.

In my humble opinion it sounds 100% bullshit.


It's a gimmick for gullible newbies.

Completely worthless.


It is, I looked into the product, it's a bunch of crap thrown together in a shiny new bottle...It's sold at GNC 'nuff said.


its bullshit google it


hey i buy my vitamins and whey there....... thats all


You clearly are out of the loop. So lemme put you in. The stem cells in this product are said to come from you OWN body, not a baby. Oh, and bush was right when he said his reasoning was because you can get the same stem cells from another source...Read the latest information about it.

You think the president of the united states didnt have access to the greatest information in the world, that common scientists didnt? They are now getting them from the umbilical cord. And please dont throw "bush" knives at me like I care. He played the Christian card alot, but he was still a politcian. Now we have Obama, who doubled the national debt in the first 4 months of presidency. Yay, obama.


I LOL'd.

  1. Stem cells were generally from fertilized zygotes from fertility clinics, they amounted to less humans cells than a person sloughs off in dead skin on any given day. He was pandering to the religious right who believes life begins at conception.

  2. No fucking supplement is going to make you secrete more.

  3. Even if it did, I don't see how that would directly correlate to positive body composition changes.

  4. Just lift weights and eat healthy.


LOL. Youre way too serious about this. How 'bout chilling out okey dokey?


Aren't white blood cells pretty close to being stem cells when they come out of the bone marrow?


I for one am glad you made an attempt to draw attention to yourself, by letting us know you "laugh out loud'd". You are obviously starving for it.


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Wow, so unfettered, zealous, religious bigotry and political mis-information has finally seeped into the Supplements and Nutrition forum.

It was only a matter of time, I suppose. Maybe supplementation can help, but I doubt it.


You just did the same damn thing, a few posts ago. Along with going out of your way to being an asshole to a couple of others who posted.

Instead of trying to have an intelligent discussion about a controversial and truly interesting topic, you decide to be a douchbag. Good job.


Read his other posts. troll.


This is after all, my thread. Thats why I post. And no I didnt do the same thing...I never say "I lol'd"...And sorry pal, but Im not here to debate what you think is interesting...read the thread title, and the question that follows. Also, when you read my posts and it seems like im being an "asshole" maybe you should ask yourself why, and look at the previous posts, as I am in defense....and please, use whatever common reasoning and logic you have before posting.