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Safe Fat Burning Supplements?


hey guys , just wanted to know what would be some safe fat burning supps/ ingredients (i.e. caffeine, green tea extract , etc.)

thanks in advance



Front page, dumbass, HOT-ROX.


Any fat loss supp is going to jack you up some, and some people have problems with any ingredient you could think of. So define "safe" please.


just safe in terms of it wont damage my kidneys/liver, because i heard yohimbe might do that


Yohimbe might be damaging, yohimbine is not (look at the ending). Most fat loss products have the latter in them which would make them relatively safe.

Same difference with ephedra versus ephedrine.


With anything, (even caffeine if your'e not used to it), make sure to test with small doses first. One guy here felt like his head was gonna explode after taking 1/8th the typical dose of yohimbine. I got kind of strung out when I ramped up to a ephedrine 3x a day after only a couple of days warmup.


In terms of kidney/liver damage it depends on how much, how often and for what length of time you take the compound. I'd be more concerned about vasoconstriction(constriction of blood vessels, i.e. heart attack, stroke, thrombosis etc. Especially if I were really unfit/fat. Liver/Kidney function can be checked as regularly as you like with blood tests.


Maybe he lives in a country where HOT-ROX are illegal, dumbass.


Has anyone ever tried pure synephrine or raspberry ketones? Are they effective? I know where I can get them for a great price.


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I've heard that synephrine kinda works, but isn't quite as effective as, say, ephedrine. No personal use.

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some people think RKs inhibit Androgen receptors because of this study.

I tried to read the full text, but it is over my head lol...

the thing with studies like this is I would have to check to see if the researchers were looking for specific results(especially since it is cancer research)...they could have modified the results some how using their testing procedure, and since i can't understand what they are doing...I don't know if it is a legit testing method....

the testing was also done on in vitro cells..so that is another issue...


My last post before bumping was from the previous day.

But I do appreciate your response. I heard that Synephrine just acts upon beta 3 receptors, unlike ephedrine which acts on all adrenoreceptors.

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Thanks for the study. I was wondering about RK because HOT-ROX contains it, but unfortunately I can't buy it because yohimbine is not accepted in Canada.


There is nothing that can effectively target ONLY beta-3 (the ones on adipocytes for those not in-the-know). The receptor bears a lot of similarity to the other beta receptors and makes finding compounds with specificity almost impossible.