Safe cycle

I am looking to gain about 5-15 lbs. of muscle. I am planning on doing a short two and a half week cycle using 400mg of Primo a week. I just want to be totally safe, while putting on a few lbs. of muscle. Bill Roberts suggests short cycles and I was wondering what every one’s opinion was about my cycle. Will it produce the gains I’m looking for? Safety has always been #1 with me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You didn’t say anything about yourself, such as stats, how long you have been working out, age etc. Also what do you mean by being safe? Are you talking liver wise, gyno etc? Please be more specific.

If that is all the weight you want to gain, why not try Androsol?? You should be able to easly gain 5-12 pounds on it. I am on my 4th day of my second cycle. On my first cycle I gained 8 pounds. This cycle I have already put on 3 pounds. If you want safe, you cannot get any safer. It is legal, so that is safe, don’t have to worry about the feds, it will not shut down your own T productions, unless you use longer, or more than the dose on the bottle.

Actually, with Primo I usually recommend longer cycles, since suppression is not such a major issue with this steroid, and two weeks at doses such as you mention doesn’t give gains that are that satisfactory, usually. I’d go for 8 weeks, and start with 800 mg to get levels up initially.

If I were doing 2 on / 4 off with Primo, I’d do it with
a gram or gram and a half on the first day, followed by 200 mg every 3 or 4 days to the middle of week 2. Problems are, at 100 mg/mL, that is a lot of injection volume, and Primo is quite costly, so it’s not an efficient cycle. Athletes I know who have used Primo at high doses though have been very pleased with it – it is a truly nice steroid.

My plan was to take 100mg of Primo every other day for approximately three weeks. Basically buy 12 amps and use one every other day til its gone. I was under the impression this would put around 10 lbs. of muscle on, give or take a few lbs. You say I should use a gram on the first day. That would be 10 shots if I’m not mistaken right? What would you recommend?

Here’s the thing: Suppose you are on a 400 mg/week program, and you’ve been on that for a while. To make it easier to understand we’ll make it weekly injections even though this is not the best way to do it – but the principle is the same in the case of more frequent injections.

You’ve just injected this week’s 400 mg. Now as it happens, you also have about 400 mg of Primo left over from previous weeks. So you have 800 mg in your system after this injection. It will dwindle to 400 mg by the end of the week, so you average 600 mg in your system during the week.

What about the program you are thinking about?

At day 1, you don’t have 600 mg in your system… you injected just 100 mg! That will give blood levels, since you have no Primo in the system already, like using 50 mg/week… almost nothing if you are male. Expect no significant effect.

Wait two days, inject another 100 mg… your levels are still obviously way low. Even though you are at a usage level of 350 mg/week, which is enough to be useful, your blood levels would not build up to what one expects from 350 mg/week until you get into maybe the third week. The whole first week is going to be terribly lame.

So yes, you need to inject more on day 1 to get your levels up immediately. It doesn’t need to be a full gram but it sure needs to be more than 100 mg. To reach the blood levels expected from 400 mg/week use, better figure on injecting about 800 mg (a little less actually since the halflife is probably one or two days less than a week, but that’s finetuning.)

If you want the same levels from day 1 that you’d expect from ongoing 100 mg every other day use, better inject 700 mg on day 1.