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Safe Cycle


Will be starting first cycle in roughly 4 weeks. Wanting to make sure I'm 100% equipped and am not missing anything. Goes like this:

W1 - W4 - 40mg Dbol 2x250mg Test E
W4 - W15 2x250mg Test E
11 Days after last pin - Start 4 weeks PCT - 20mg Nolva ED

Have 18g 1 1/2" for drawing
23g 1 1/4" for pinning
Plenty of alcohol swabs
Plenty of 3ml barrels
Will be rotating sites regularly.

May have to get 23g 1 1/2" for quads/glutes?

Pinning Mondays and Thursdays

Anything I'm missing? Hit me with some comments/questions.


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A 15 week cycle and 20mg Nolva ed pct is not a good idea.

I would say cut your cycle to 10 weeks or even 8 weeks like me.

Do you have an a.i.? I wouldn't start that cycle without it