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Safe Cardio for Ephedrine


Since im taking ephedrine...should i still be doing the same amount of cardio as i would if i wasnt taking it. My friend told me to do less cardio on it because its hard on your heart. Whats a safe amount of cardio to do on ephedrine...is a straight 5mph jog for 30 mins ok?


You'll have to asses your tolerance and threshold yourself. Individuals respond differently to ephedrine and some are more sensitive to it than others.


If your hearts pumping like a jackrabbit in the spring time Not the best time to run. If not then go for it.

Whynot try HOT-ROX and not have to worry about a heart explosion from walking. Sounds kind of detrimental to your helth and goals to not be able to simply jog.


id recommend using a heart monitor as thats what i do. you need to stick to 60-80 of your max vmo(225-your age * target percent) it actually makes cardio easier but dont run your heart in the danger zone. you can find a good heart monitor/watch combo for 40-100 $. i have a 90$ set up. its awsome. peace


In my opinion, Maximun Strength HOT-ROX is way better than some cheap brand of Ephedrine. Morning cardio, Maximum Strength HOT-ROX, a good diet, along with Grow! before and after Am cardio is the best way to lose fat,in my opinion. All the Ephedrine in the world won't do much if your diet isn't in place.