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Sadollah Got Robbed?


Alright, who else agrees with me on this? If you watch the replay, he was standing up with his left foot as the douchebag ref flies in and pulls the other dude off. There was no flash knockout, he was rising back up! I think that ref has stopped ALOT of fights early. Fuck him.


Yeah I agree. That's what happens when you get green refs in there though. They don't understand how easy it is to slip/fall/or even get dropped for a second. He was obviously recovering even though he was taking BLOW AFTER BLOW to the back of the damn head! If anything the ref should have taken a point from Hendricks for that! I'm fucking livid about this fight.


I noticed that too. The fight should have been stopped, points deducted from the other dude, and started back up. What was it 17 months since he fought and his first time back he gets robbed? I hope that just puts more fuel in his fire.


And btw, Amir looked fucking solid for the 20 seconds they were fighting... for what that's worth lol.


The problem is that Dan Miragliotta is not "green." He just has a history of fuck-ups.


Boss, what was that other fight he seriously fucked up? I can't remember the fighters, just that I wanted to shoot my TV because it was such a bad stoppage.


hmm.....i think was Matt Brown/Pete Sell??? There are a few fights to choose from..lol.


he did look good.....he was away from the cage too long. I hope he doesn't let this fight get in his head. He has too much potential.


Yeah sorry about that, went back and noticed it wasn't the other ref (who I'd never seen) but Meragliotta. Bastard. Yeah agreed on the Brown/Sell fight, and I think he's fucked up about 5 or 6 more. I think he's at the center of 80% of the bad calls in the UFC.


^True that.


i think its a 50/50 split between him and Mazzigatti....fackin'talians...lol.


None of those shots even landed cleanly. Sadollah was obviously shook from the uppercuts, but was regaining clarity when the ref stopped it. Kid got hosed. Also looked like Hendricks hurt his wrist when blocking the head kick.


That's why you don't use your hand (covered by a 4 oz glove) to block a kick.

Option A: Get the fuck out of the way!

Option B: Use your ARM!


Speaking of kick blocks, did anyone notice BJ's near perfect head kick blocks? Kind of off topic but it was a nice change from people not checking ANY kicks correctly.


Didn't notice that, but by that time I had drank myself in to a stupor due to forrest's loss. I'll have to watch it again. Did he use his arm (a la rampage?)


Penn looked impressive all over. Never really been a fan , but he looks damn near invincable at 155, and if he could get his shit together he'd be hard to handle at 170 as well.


Penn belongs at 155. I picture the likes of Alves,Fitch,A.Johnson,etc..getting the better of him a 170.

I forsee maybe Frankie Edgar...or winner of Maynard/Huerta getting next shot at BJ. Hell,Diego is not even a stretch at this point. Still lots of good match-ups for him at 155.


Every champ right now is so dominant. BJ at 155, GSP at 170, Silva at 185, Machida at 205, and arguably Brock at HW. If Brock beats the winner of Nog/Couture and Carwin/Valasquez, he'll be right there too.


Arm up and other arm across the stomach area, if that makes sense.


I think he's definitely more natural at 155, and some of the bigger 170's - specificlly two of the guys you mentioned in Alves and Johnson - would give him fits, but when motivated and on top of his game Penn's a motherfucker. The natural evolution of the sport has allowed the gap to close in terms of overall talent, but Penn still has to be considered one of the best, hence his nickname. Not saying he'd clean up, but the challenge would hopefully force him to stay on his toes and train his ass off.