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Saddest Film or TV Scenes


What are some of the saddest scenes in film or T.V that you have seen?



Ya I said it! Come at me bro!


As an actor I have had to cry on cue a few times, that fastest way for me has always been to think about Futuramas: Jurassic Bark. That episode just makes be feel fucking terrible, the closing credits just kill.


When the old librarian guy in Shawshank Redemption kills himself.


Yeah. Even listening to the song puts me in "sad mode".
I can't think of any scene or movie which has this effect besides this episode and the ending of The Luck of the Fryrish, with Fry discovering about his brother.

When I was quite young, I remember watching a movie with my mother. It was about a family that has to split, I don't remember why, but some siblings are mentally challenged, some others get beaten up quite badly somewhere and are physically challenged, etc. but at the end they all get together again. I remember that my mother was crying so much with the ending.


The last movie I remember actually crying from is King Kong... something about those big emotional filled CGI eyes just kilt me! LOL...


This. Dear god, I felt lame for tearing up at a cartoon, but it was heartbreaking.


If you guys liked that wonderful Futurama episode then Hachiko would be prefect.

It's based on a true story, and the latest version of the story is a movie from 2009 with Richard Gere. You may think it's just anohter one of those dog movies where a dog shows up and changes the people's lives but if you don't know the story of Hachiko then you're in for a surprise.

Even if you read the wikipedia entry I think it'll get you. It gets me every time.


I read the wiki some months back and being a dog lover I can't bring myself to watch this movie. It was on cable a few weeks back and I kept wanting to change the channel.


A scene that always chokes me up is from Awakenings, when Robert De Niro starts regressing again. Just thinking about it makes me tear up.

If you haven't seen the movie, it's hard to appreciate the tragedy of this scene out of context. It's a great film if you haven't seen it.


I read about this dog after watching that Futurama episode. I don't really like animals, but this kind of things are so touching...


The ending of Gary Sinise's Of Mice and Men
The ending of the animated film Mary and Max
The ending of Brokeback Mountain (say what you will, I've heard it all before...)
And like eberybody else, that damn Futurama episode.


Since we're all opening up here, I'll say that "Up" and "Toy Story 3" made me cry. I have kids and nephews, but I watched these movies alone with my wife.

The first few minutes of Up is the most tear-jerking moment I've ever seen that didn't require a full movie to build it up. The end of Toy Story 3 was so touching after the emotional investment of having watched all 3 movies.

Try to watch this without tearing up a bit:


The seen in "Finding Neverland" where the mom dies. Seeing little kids cry out of great loss tears me up.

When the little girl in "The Bridge To Terabithia" dies. I never read the book, so that part was a shocker to me, especially how the director made you fall in love with her.

May I add a "tears of joy" part to this thread?

Some films make me cry just for being so damned happy.
"Shawshank Redemption" has 2 parts like this... the part where Andy emerges out of the pipe and reaches for the sky. Also the ending where Red meets Andy on the beach. So damned liberating and full of possibility!


I Am Legend when he has to kill his dog


The last 15 minutes of The Green Mile. That film really fucks me up, every time.

Especially the final scene where they're frying him and the audience are jeering and the executioner is crying.

Damn...I'm getting glassy eyed just thinking about it.

Stupid thread idea ><


Agreed on the Bridge to Terabithia I was not expecting the movie to turn in that direction. It was wonderful.


Yes, Nards. I agree... as odd as that sounds, it WAS wonderful.


I'll agree with "Up", and "Of Mice and Men". On the theme of dogs, "Marley and Me" and "Where the Red Fern Grows". And why has "Old Yeller" not been brought up yet?


Schindler's list.

Not quite as sad but I'd throw it in there, Braveheart.