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We might have just got Saddam tonight!..Hell yeah!!!

Do you believe everything the media tells you?

Tell you the truth I think he’s on the run. Where to I have know idea. He’s a coward like Bin Laden. He’s not going to stay and fight till the end. All I care about as long as him and his rigme is out of power in Iraq and we never see him in the news again I am happy!!!

The only good Saddam is a dead Saddam. And the others as well.

Nate –

That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? He specifically said “might” have gotten Saddam.

Anyway, if the intelligence was correct, and according to reports there were at least three separate confirmations from ground-based assets that Baath leadership was in the restaurant, and assuming they stayed in the restaurant and did not go somewhere else via one of the myriad underground tunnels in Baghdad – in other words, assuming they were there – then there is a very high likelihood we “got him.”

Four 2000 lb. “bunker busters” put an exclamation point on it, but sometimes you need to use enough force to ensure that an opportunity won’t be missed, rather than use the bare minimum force that might get the job done if everything worked perfectly.

I dont think we should celebrate anyones death. Thats the difference between us and him. If we lose that difference we are just as bad as him.

I have no problem celebrating the departure from this life a confirmed torturer, murderer, and tyrant.

In this case “an eye for an eye” seems fitting to me.

Mamann is right.

It’s called Justice.

When I see a body of that punk ass, then I will agree he is dead.

Give me a break. We supported the guy for years. He was torturer
and murderer when we were giving him tax dollars and weapons.
I am completely indifferent to the fate of Saddam. Do you hate
everyone the government tells you to? Who’s going to be the new
Emmanuel Goldstien next year I wonder…

We have supported far worse than Saddam and will continue to support
anybody who serves our purpose, regardless of human rights records.

I’ve had my eye on that Goldstein Fukr for some time now…shifty sonuvabitch, yeah, shifty…

“The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them”

~ George Orwell

Goldberg wrote

I dont think we should celebrate anyones death. Thats the difference between us and him. If we lose that difference we are just as bad as him.

That’s the thing though, it’s all about revenge [for what I’m not entirely sure] in a funny way it’s little bettr than bloodlust.

Sure, Saddam is a tyrant and for his actions probably deserves to be tried as a war criminal. [Question: can you try someone as a war criminal when their actions are committed in a non-combat situation?]

But do you really want to ‘CELEBRATE’ his death. Relief I can understand, it brings your soldiers that much closer to coming home, but celebrate.

I’ll repeat something Nietsche wrote [paraphrase]:
look not too closely at the beast lest yourself becomes the beast
Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy

An eye for an eye is very biblical, but in the scheme of things doesn’t stack up as one of the great logical arguments of our time.

Thanks BostonBarrister for noting I said “might”.
Nate dog sometimes seems to be an argument looking for an issue.

You said that you thought Saddam
was on the run, and for that he was a coward (paraphrasing, correct me if I was wrong).

But let me ask you this, what would other Presidents, and leaders do if
their country was under attack?

Stay and die?
I think not.

Why the hell would saddam stay in iraq if he knows that he was going to get bombed? hes prob hiding in the united states.


who says bloodlust is a bad thing. And why should we not CELEBRATE any death, The individual is simply transitioning at that point to whatever is next. Anyne who acts so frugally about life is either a chicken to see whats after this life or they don’t think there is anything after this life. either way it’s sad. but in the meantime, we need to do the best we can here to make things the way “WE” want them to be. and over 75% of the contry is on board with whacking the clown. besides I feel bad for sadamm he killed and tortured what about 300,000 muslims + or - a few thousand, to me that means his next few thousand “adventures” are really gonna suck! hell yea!